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Istruzioni per l'uso Sungale, Modello ID430WTA

Produttore : Sungale
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Facilità d'uso

Content in this user manual may differ from the product, or from software provided by service providers or carriers, and is subject to change without prior notice. Keep your device dry. Do not use or store your device in dusty, dirty areas. Do not place your device on slopes. If your device falls, it can be damaged. Do not place your device in too hot or too cold areas. Do not place your device with metal objects such as keys and necklaces. Do not place your device near magnetic fields. Do not place your device near or in heaters, microwaves, hot cooking equipment, or high pressure containers. Simply put, do not drop, throw, or sit on your device, for obvious reasons. Do not use your device near other electronic devices. Please do not use your device in thundery days. Keep your device away from liquid substance. For advanced operations such as Dev tools, it is suggested to be operated by professional engineers. Product Overview This section is to tell you functions of each button and port, battery charge and replacement. Functions of Button and Port Battery Charge and Replacement Use the power adapter or USB cable to charge the battery of your tablet. The indicator icon will show flickering green light when charging and still green color when charging finished. Accessories are listed as following: Getting S This section is to introduce Press and hold the power button for more than 3 seconds to boot up. Touch the middle icon listing on the right screen, you can enjoy more APPs. A Music: Meditate in you Moon+ Reader: Read ebooks in various formats. Browser: Browse websites on the internet, Maps: Search for maps. YouTube: Watch YouTube vid Facebook/Twitter: Share your photos and other information with your friends Market: Android market for you to download thousands of application Media Player: Play your favorite videos. Notepad: Arrange your schedule and Wifi Setting: Configur the wifi network and connec Library: A collection of popular reading tools like FBR Reader, Kobo, Borders, Amazon Kindle, Wattpad, Ebook,etc. Manage and play pictures, music and video. Documents: View and edit WORD, EXCEL, SLIDESHOW a File Manager: Manage the files in the memory or SD card. S T For better performance of the to Select: Tap an icon to select and run an application. Slide: Use your finger or stylus to gently slide on the horizontally to move items on the screen. If you enter an item by mistake while Touch and hold the icon for about 2 seconds and move your finger the destination. Press power butto H 1. Touch and hold any application 2. Touch and hold the shortcut icon until there is a trash can icon appearing at edge of your screen, drag the application shortcut icon to the trash can and it will be deleted from your home screen. N than one application. u can create 4 home screens at just tap the blank area of the screen and slide left or right. K Tap to switch to numbers and symbols. Tap “ALT” (which is fomer Connectivity This section is to tell and computer. In Insert a Micro SD Card into locks into place, and “preparing SD card” will appear on the upper left corner of the screen. When yo take it out gently. Note: This device C After booting up, co status area at the top of the screen and slide it downwards as following: Tap “Select to copy files to/from your computer.” and then “Turn on USB storage’ to manage files between your computer and internal memory. Note: For the first time you connect this device to your computer, you might be asked to install driver of your device so that it can be recognized by your computer. Please follow the installation guide or contact your computer service provider for help. Please safely remove your device from computer after file management to prevent data lose. Setting This section is to tell you settings like Wi-Fi, language, screen rotation, and how to clear data history. Wi-Fi Setting Starting from the main menu, 1. Touch “wifi Manager” 2. Touch “wi-Fi”and “wi-fi setting” on next line 3. Your device will search wireless router in your surrounding, and your router will appear on the screen, touch on Your Router. 4. If you did not set a password for your router, the device will link to internet automatically. If you have set a password for your router, the below square will appear on screen, touch on the Password bar, 5.Soft Keyboard will appear on screen, input the password you set for your router, then, touch “connect” on the screen, Now, you can see your router has been connected, which means your device has been linked to internet. You can enjoy all the networked functions. Language setting In the home screen, tap “” > tap “Settings” > slide and tap “Language & Keyboard” in the eighth row>tap “Select language”>slide downwards or upwards to find the language that you want and tap the language. Tap to return after setting. Screen Rotation This device has built-in motion sensor to automatically adjust screen display between portrait and landscape. If you want to defaut this function,...

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