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• Before using an existing chimney, be certain it is in good condition (A chimney sweep inspection is highly recommended). Also, make sure the chimney meets the minimum standards listed in NFPA 211 (A chimney professional can confirm this upon inspection). • If connecting this stove to a factory built chimney, it may ONLY be a 6” flue, UL103 HT venting system. Connection to any other factory built chimney may result in a poorly operating or dangerous stove installation. • When connecting to an existing masonry chimney, the cross-sectional area of the flue must be considered. A chimney with a flue larger than 6” round (28.27 sq. in.) may require relining with an approved pellet stove chimney lining system. • Use an appliance collar where the pellet vent connects to the exhaust output of the pellet stove and attach the appliance collar to the exhaust blower output using three sheet metal screws. • Seal each pipe connection joint with high temperature RTV Silicone, to ensure the system is leak free (Check with the specific pipe manufacturer’s instructions before doing so). • If the pellet vent pipe being used is not a “Twist Lock” system, three (3) sheet metal screws are required at each pipe joint. • Connect the pellet stove to outside combustion air using the kit included with your stove or using an alternative method, as described in the “Outside Air” section, on page 14. Please Note: Installation diagrams are for reference purposes only and are not drawn to scale, nor meant to be used as plans for each individual installation. Please follow all venting system requirements, maintain the required clearances to combustibles, and follow all local codes. Page | 12 INSTALLATION INSTALLATION Mobile Home Installation • As with all installations involving this unit, the use of outside combustion air is mandatory and MUST be used. Please see the “Outside Air” section on page 14 for more information regarding outside air connections. • The pellet stove MUST be secured to the floor of the mobile home using lag bolts and the holes provided in the bottom of the pedestal for this purpose. • The pellet stove MUST be grounded with #8 solid copper grounding wire (or equivalent), terminated at each end with an NEC approved grounded device. • Carefully follow all clearances listed in the appropriate section of this manual AND follow the venting manufacturer’s minimum clearance requirements. Similarly, be certain the venting system used is approved for mobile home use. • Installation must be accordance with Manufacturers Home & Safety Standard (HUD) CFR 3280, Part 24 as well as any applicable local codes. WARNING DO NOT INSTALL IN A SLEEPING ROOM. CAUTION THE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF THE MANUFACTURED HOME FLOOR, WALL AND CEILING/ROOF MUST BE MAINTAINED. Caution NEVER draw outside combustion air from: • Wall, floor or ceiling cavity. • Enclosed space such as an attic, garage or crawl space. Page | 13 OUTSIDE AIR HOOK-UP OUTSIDE AIR HOOK-UP • The use of outside combustion air is mandatory on the 25-EP. • The outside air connection pipe protrudes from the lower rear center of the stove; use the included outside air kit to attach your stove to outside combustion air. Instructions and all the parts needed to make the outside air connection to your pellet stove are included with the outside air kit. • If it is not feasible to use the included outside air hookup kit in your stove installation, other materials may be used, provided the following rules are followed: o The pipe used for outside air hookup must be metal, with a minimum thickness of .0209in. (25 gauge mild steel) or greater and an inside diameter of approximately 2.0in. o All pipe joints and connections should be sealed with pipe clamps or other mechanical means, to insure a leak free outside air connection. o Long runs of pipe and excessive elbows for outside air should be avoided. Due to frictional resistance in pipe, any excessive outside air piping can result in poor stove performance. o A screen or other protection device must be fitted over the outside air termination point to prevent rain, debris and nuisance animals from entering the piping system. o Increase the outside air pipe size to 3.0 in. diameter pipe if the outside air connection is more than 6ft. in length, more than two (2) elbows are used or if the stove is installed in a basement. • The outside air connection system should be inspected at least annually to be certain it is free from blockage. Caution NEVER draw outside combustion air from: • Wall, floor or ceiling cavity. • Enclosed space such as an attic, garage or crawl space. Page | 14 FLOOR PROTECTION FLOOR PROTECTION • The 25-EP requires a non-combustible floor protector if the stove is to be installed on a combustible floor. If the floor the stove is be installed on is already non-combustible (i.e. a concrete floor in a basement), no floor protection is needed (although a decorative floor protector can still be used for aesthetic reasons). • When...

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