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Istruzioni per l'uso Bushnell, Modello WEATHERFX 960071C

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golf courses. No external sensors or subscriptions are required, and the Wireless Display may be placed anywhere in your home. Weather data is automatically updated from the Internet throughout the day via AccuWeather.com® and sent to the Golf FXi unit using a wireless USB Transmitter connected to the user’s PC. Setup is easy – simply install and run the software, select your home course and up to 4 more, plug in the Transmitter and power up the Receiver. Read this manual carefully to fully explore the features and functions of your new Golf FXi forecaster. THE BUSHNELL GOLF FXi FEATURES: Automatically Updated 7-DAY Forecasts – Current Temperature with RealFeel® – High & Low Temperature – GolfCast Rating – Chance of Rain – Maximum UV Index – Average Wind Speed & Direction – Lightning Alert – Auto-Synchronized (Internet) Clock – Alarm and Snooze – Color Backlight – Color Indicates Current Temperature Range – Weather Forecast Message – Forecast Data Available for Over 16,000 U.S. Golf Courses – Store up to 5 Favorite Golf Courses for Easy Viewing INSTALLATION AND SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: INSTALL THE SOFTWARE Before connecting or operating the Transmitter or Receiver hardware, you should install the Golf FXi software program on your PC. The software automatically connects to a special weather data server on the Internet, displays the data on your PC screen (when the Golf FXi program window is open), and transmits the data via the connected USB Transmitter to the wireless Receiver unit. Before installation, ensure that: 3 • Your PC is connected to the Internet. A high-speed internet connection (not via dialup or phone modem) is recommended. • You are using Windows 2000, XP (32 bits) or Vista (32 bits). Windows 98 and Macs are not supported. Insert the supplied CD into your CD ROM drive and click the “Golf FXi Setup Wizard” button when it appears to start the installation (Fig. 1). Follow the on-screen instructions, clicking “Next” until the installation is complete (Fig. 2). A “Golf FXi” shortcut icon ( ) is added to your desktop screen during the installation. STEP 2: CONNECT THE USB TRANSMITTER Connect the USB Transmitter to your PC via one of its main USB ports. As the Transmitter is powered by the USB port (it does not require batteries), avoid connecting it to unpowered USB “hubs” – USB ports located on a PC keyboard or others that may not deliver adequate power. When using the Transmitter with a laptop, power the computer with its AC power supply to reduce battery drain and ensure reliable USB power. Raise the Transmitter’s antenna to the upright position to ensure maximum range (up to 300 ft.) and signal strength to the Receiver. STEP 3: START THE GOLF FXi APPLICATION AND SET LOCATIONS Double click the Bushnell “Golf FXi” icon on your desktop to start the program. After it opens (this may take a minute or so the first time the program is launched), there are two simple, one time set-up steps required. The first is to set your primary, or “home” course location, as well as up to four additional “Favorite” courses (allowing you to quickly check the weather forecast for a course at your vacation destination, nearby city, etc). Move your cursor into the first (far left) location box, then click on the “Edit Location” button that pops up below it (Fig. 3). Use Fig. 1 Fig. 2 the drop down arrows to select the State, City and Golf Course name from the lists that appear (Fig. 4). Once you have made the three settings to define your location, click “Save” (if you get a “Cannot connect to server...” message, wait a minute and try clicking “Save” again). Follow the same process to set-up additional locations. Next click “Settings” at the top of the screen (just right of the Golf FXi logo) (Fig. 5). Use the “Time Zone” drop down to set your home time zone, also click the “Daylight Savings On” button if it currently applies in your area. Then select your preferences for how other types of data will be displayed using the remaining drop downs for temperature units, etc. When finished, click “Save” to store these settings and return to the main screen (Fig. 6). The Golf FXi application is now set up and ready to use. STEP 4: SETTING UP THE RECEIVER UNIT The Receiver may be powered by 4AA batteries or from the included AC adapter. Note: as soon as batteries are installed or the AC adapter is connected, the unit will power on, and run through a display test routine, cycling through the various backlight colors, then displaying letters and numbers in various sections of the display. This is normal and takes less than a minute. When completed, the display will show a “Searching for PC” message (press SEARCH on the back of the Receiver if it does not). Keep the Receiver near the PC until the setup is complete then you may move it anywhere in your home, up to 300 ft (91.4m) from the Transmitter. Fig. 4 Fig. 3 Fig. 6 Fig. 5 STEP 5: TRANSMIT DATA FROM PC TO THE RECEIVER This is a simple process, in fact it’s normally comple...

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