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Istruzioni per l'uso Universal Security Instruments, Modello MCND601LCN

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Follow the reset instructions to remove the latching LED. Silent On and blinks off approx every 20 seconds Off and blinks on approx every 5 seconds until reset Off Gas Alarm Latching LED Indicator - The alarm has previously detected Gas and alarmed. Follow the reset instructions to remove the latching LED. 1 beep, 1 second pause, 4 beeps, 5 second pause Turns off when the horn starts Blinks in sync with the first beep Blinks in sync with cycle of 4 beeps To reset the Alarm LED's, press the RESET button for 2 seconds. This will clear the Alarm LED's and clear the Silence mode. MCND-401CN and MCND601CN Series only: To reset the peak CO memory, press and hold the RESET button for 5 seconds until the peak level is cleared. The display screen will display "000" when the peak CO level is reset and then return to "- - -." 3 chirps approx every 20 seconds Off Off Off Trouble/Service Alarm. Replace the alarm. 2 chirps approx every 20 seconds Off Off Off End-of-Service Life Alarm. Replace the alarm. 1 chirp approx every 40 seconds On and blinks off approx every 20 seconds Off Off Low Battery - Check to make sure the battery activation pull tab has been completely removed, battery polarity is correct and the battery terminals are making contact with the alarm contacts in the battery compartment. If chirp continues, replace the 9V battery. Page 11 FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY MODELS MCN400CN, MCN400LCN, MCN600CN, MCN600LCN MODELS MCND401CN, MCND401LCN, MCND601CN, MCND601LCN USI ELECTRIC, INC./UNIVERSAL SECURITY INSTRUMENTS, INC. ("USI") warrants your USI product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. This warranty shall not apply to any batteries used in the product or to any damage which may be caused by such batteries. This warranty applies only to the original consumer purchaser and only to products used in normal residential use and service. If this product is found to be defective, USI's only obligation, and your exclusive remedy, is the repair or replacement of the product, at USI's discretion, provided that the product has not been damaged through misuse, abuse, accident, modifications, alteration, neglect or mishandling. This Warranty shall not apply to any product which is found to have been improperly installed, set-up, or used in any way not in accordance with the instructions supplied with the product. TEN YEAR LITHIUM BATTERY LIMITED WARRANTY* This battery is warranted by Ultralife Batteries, Inc. for a 10 year life* ONLY in this CO/Gas Alarm and is not warranted in any other device. Improper handling and/or installation of the battery voids the warranty. Improper handling and/or installation includes, but is not limited to: A. Reversing the battery's polarity or connecting the battery's "+" and "--" terminals incorrectly. B. Short circuiting the battery. C. Attempting to charge the battery. D. Subjecting the battery to excessive humidity, hot or cold conditions. E. Altering the battery physically in any way. ULTRALIFE 9 VOLT BATTERY RETURNS: To return the Ultralife Battery under warranty, send battery ONLY along with a note describing nature of difficulty and proof of date of purchase, postage prepaid and return postage to: ULTRALIFE BATTERIES, INC. C/O UNIVERSAL SECURITY INSTRUMENTS, INC. P. O. BOX 622 1350 ROUTE 88 SOUTH NEWARK, NEW YORK 14513 USA ALARM RETURNS: For replacement of this alarm under the terms of this Warranty, contact our Customer Service line at 1-800-390-4321, Ext. 238, for current postage and handling fees. USI DOES NOT WARRANT AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OTHER THAN THE WARRANTY CONTAINED HEREIN. NO IMPLIED WARRANTY ON THIS PRODUCT, CREATED BY STATE LAW, SHALL EXTEND BEYOND THE TERM OF THIS WARRANTY UNLESS SUCH LAW OTHERWISE PROVIDES. USI SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY AND SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL LOSS OR DAMAGE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DAMAGES TO ANY EQUIPMENT WITH WHICH THIS PRODUCT IS USED. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. No agent, representative, dealer, or employee of the company has the authority to increase or alter the obligations or terms of this Warranty. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This Warranty is only valid for merchandise purchased from outlets in the United States and Canada. *DISCLAIMER: WARRANTY IS NOT A PERFORMANCE CLAIM. Visit Us on the Web! 11407 Cronhill Drive, Suite A Owings Mills, Maryland 21117 USA ©2010 UNIVERSAL SECURITY INSTRUMENTS, INC 288-3437-00 Printed in China ...

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