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Istruzioni per l'uso Philips, Modello HR2823/06

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Francais Page 6 • Pour le mode d'emploi: depliez les pages 3 et 34. Deutsch Seite 8 • Schlagen Sie beim Lesen der Gebrauchsanweisung Seiten 3 und 34 auf. Nederlands Pagina 10 • Sla bij het lezen van de gebruiksaanwijzing de pagina's 3 en 34 op. Italiano Pagina 12 • Prima di usare l'apparecchio, aprite le pagine 3 e 34 e leggete attentamente le istruzioni per l'uso. Espanol Pagina 14 • Desplegar las paginas 3 y 34 al leer las instrucciones de manejo. Portugues Pagina 16 • Durante a leitura do modo de emprego, desdobre e verifique as pag. 3 e 34. Dansk Side 18 • Hold side 3 og 34 opslaet mens De l.ser brugsanvisningen. Norsk Side 20 • Sla opp pa side 3 og 34 for De leser videre. Svenska • Ha sidan 3 och 34 utvikt nar ni laser bruksanvisningen. Sid 22 Suomi Sivu 24 • Pida sivut 3 ja 34 auki samalla kun luet kayttoohjetta. 2 D E J G F H I 1 A B C D E J G F H I 1 A B C 3 English With this juice extractor you can make 100% pure fruit juice and vegetable juice. The appliance is simple to use and very easy to clean. Important • Read the instructions in conjunction with the illustrations (pages 3 and 34) before using the appliance. • Avoid damage. Before connecting please check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the mains voltage in your home (110 - 127 V; 220 - 230 V; 230 - 240 V). • If the mains cord of this appliance is damaged, it must only be replaced by Philips or their service representative, as special tools and/or parts are required. • Keep the appliance away from children. • Do not leave the appliance switched on unattended. • Never use any accessories or parts from other manufacturers or which have not specifically been advised by Philips. Your guarantee is void if such accessories or parts have been used. • Never put your fingers or cutlery into the feeding tube. Only the provided pusher is suited for this purpose. • Let the sieve come to a complete stop before pressing the lid release knob and opening the lid. General description (fig. 1) A Pusher B Feeding tube C Lid D Sieve E Pulp container F Base unit G Lid release knob H On/off switch I Mains cord storage J Juice jar Assembling - Position the pulp container (fig. 2). - Position the sieve (fig. 3). -Place the lid. Push it downwards until it is locked on both sides ("Click!") (fig. 4). Check if the lid is positioned correctly. - Position the juice jar (fig. 5). - Insert the mains plug into the wall socket. Ingredients • Always use fresh fruits and vegetables, because they produce more juice. • Especially advisable are pineapple, beetroot, apple, cucumber, carrot, spinach, melon, tomato, orange and grape. • Starchy fruits, such as banana, paw-paw, avocado, fig and mango fruit should not be processed in this juice extractor. For these types of fruit use a food processor or a (bar) blender. • It is not necessary to remove thin skins and peels. Only thick ones of e.g. orange, pineapple, apple, uncooked beetroot must be removed. • Leaves and stems of e.g. lettuce can also be processed in the juice extractor. • If you wish to make juice from oranges, lemons, mandarin or grape fruit, it is necessary to unpeel and remove the white fibres as otherwise the juice will acquire a bitter taste. • Apple juice may quickly turn brown. A few drops of lemon juice will slow down this process. How to use - Check if the lid is correctly placed. • For your safety: the appliance can only operate when the lid has been correctly mounted on to the base unit. -Wash the fruits and/or vegetable(s) (fig. 6) and cut them in pieces (fig. 7) to fit into the feeding tube. -Switch the appliance on by pressing the on/off switch (fig. 8). -Put the pieces into the feeding tube and press them gently downwards with the pusher (fig. 9). • Do not press down with force. This would give worse results and could even block the rotating sieve. • Never put any objects or your fingers in the feeding tube. - After the juice has stopped flowing: switch the appliance off (fig. 10) and wait for the sieve to come to a complete standstill, and remove the juice jug (fig. 11). 4 -Drink the juice immediately after it has been extracted, as exposure to the open air for any length of time will result in the juice losing its nutritional value and its taste. However, if you wish to keep the juice, put it into the refrigerator in a well-closed container for a maximum of 24 hours. -If you wish to catch the last amount of juice in the juice jug, put the jug back into the juice extractor and switch the appliance on. -When the pulp container is full: switch off (fig. 10) and wait for the sieve to come to a complete standstill, press the release knob downwards to disassemble the lid (fig. 12), remove the pulp container (fig. 13), empty the pulp container (fig. 14). Reassemble the juice extractor and continue the process. -The maximum capacity of the juice jug is 650 ml. When the juice jug is full: switch the appliance off (fig. 10) and wait for the sieve to come to a complete standstill, remove (f...

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