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Istruzioni per l'uso ClearSounds, Modello CS-WS1

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2.Be aware there is a slight possibility of electrical shock from lightening. 3.Do not use this product near or in water or when you are wet. If the product comes in contact with any liquid, unplug the power cord and telephone cord immediately. Do not plug the product back in until is has dried completely. 4.Do not use liquid or aerosol sprays for cleaning. 5.If this product does not operate properly, refer to the Warranty information on page 9 of this manual. Do not open this product as you may expose yourself to hazardous voltages or other risks. Opening this product automatically voids the warranty. 6.Unplug this product from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions: a.When the power supply cord or plug is damaged or frayed. b. If liquid has been spilled on the product. c. If the product has been exposed to rain and water. d.If the product does not operate normally by following the operating instructions. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operating instructing because improper adjustment of other controls may result in further damage. e.If the product has been dropped or appears damaged. f. If the product exhibits a distinct change in performance. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Description %:)$ Installation Your Wake & Shake offers you the option of using it as both an alarm clock and a telephone ring signaler.The following diagram shows you how to set up your Wake & Shake so you may use it for both. NOTE: Setting up your Wake & Shake as a telephone ring signaler requires the use of a dual phone jack adapter. This is a small inexpensive device available at your local drug or hardware store. (See #1) 1.Plug Dual Phone Jack Adapter into wall jack. 2.Plug telephone line from your telephone into one jack on adapter. 3.Plug one side of line cord (included) into phone jack on the back of the clock and the other into the available jack on the adapter. 4.Plug the AC power adapter into the adapter jack on the back of the clock. 5.Plug the AC power adapter into an electrical wall outlet. 6.Plug the Bed Shaker into the jack in the back of the phone. Now your Wake & Shake is ready for use. Simply set the time & alarm and you are ready to go. How To Set The Time 1.Press and hold the Time button. 2.Holding down the Time button, press the hour button, then the minute button until the correct hour appears. 3.Release the Time button. NOTE: There is a PM indicator on the top left of the display. How To Set The Alarm Time 1.Press and hold the Alarm button. 2.Holding down the Alarm button, press the Hour button, then Minute button until the exact time you want appears. 3.Release the Alarm button. How To Set The Alarm Mode Your Wake & Shake provides several alarm options. These options are the same for both the clock alarm and the phone ring signaler. Using the Alarm Mode Switch, you may choose from the following: V = Shaker (Vibration) S = Sound (Audible Alarm) F = (Strobe Light) V: Shaker Only V+S: Shaker & Audible Alarm S+F: Audible Alarm & Strobe Light F+V: Strobe Light & Shaker Turning the Clock & Telephone Ring Signaler On Adjust the Alarm Function Switch to the setting you prefer. A+T: Clock alarm & telephone ring Signal on OFF: Both clock alarm and telephone ring Signal off T: Telephone Ring Signaling only When the alarm is set to one of the modes, the alarm indicator will appear on the display. Your Wake & Shake distinguishes between the clock alarm and telephone ring alarm by using different patterns. See the table below: ALARM MODE ACTION ALARM CLOCK INCOMING CALL SOUND Buzzer Continuous With pauses SHAKER Vibrates Continuous With pauses STROBE LIGHT Flashes Continuous With pauses Snooze Key When your clock alarm goes off, you can temporarily turn it off using the Snooze button.The Snooze button will stop the alarm for 9 minutes. After 9 minutes, the alarm will activate again. You can continue to hit the Snooze button for a total of 2 hours after which the alarm mode will be automatically switched off. The Snooze button is located at the top of the display. It is also the strobe flasher. Alarm Off Button When your clock alarm is activated, you can press the OFF Button on the front of your clock to turn the alarm off. The alarm will still be set for the same time and will operate at the same time the next day. If your alarm is activated but never switched off, it will automatically turn off after 2 hours. Telephone Ring Signaler 1.Make sure your Wake & Shake has been installed using the phone cord and is plugged into your telephone wall jack. 2.Adjust the Ringer On/Off switch to A+T (for clock alarm & telephone alarm) or T (for just telephone alarm). 3.Choose one of the alarm modes. (See page 4). 4.When your Wake & Shake alerts you there is an incoming call, simply answer your telephone and the alarm will stop. When you hang up, your Wake & Shake is ready to indicate the next call. Adjusting Display To adjust the brightness of the display, simply mo...

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