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Istruzioni per l'uso ClearSounds, Modello CSC1000

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If you have recorded a name for this entry, the phone will announce the name. Otherwise, it will announce the number. • Record Voice: allows you to record the name for the selected entry. • Erase Voice: allows you to delete the name you have recorded for the selected entry. 48 – ENGLISH • Edit: allows you to edit the selected entry. • Erase: allows you to delete the selected entry. Note: After editing the name, you need to press the Ў to edit the number. - VIP Setting This feature allows you to assign one specific melody to everyone in your phonebook. You may choose from eleven different ring tones. NOTE: This feature ONLY works when you have subscribed to Caller ID service, the telephone information has been stored in the phonebook and the ringer is ON. 1. Press the Menu soft key to display the main menu list. 2. Press Ў to move to Set Phone and then press the Select soft key 3. Press the Select soft key to access Set Ring. The display shows Day Volume. 4. Press Ў to move to VIP tone: 5. Press the Change soft key to select the desired Ring Tone (Standard, Wilhelm Tel, Small world, Prelude, Love is blue, Ashita, NO4, NO5, NO1, NO2, Fuga). Each time you press the Change soft key, the phone rings with the selected ring tone. 6. Press the Save soft key to confirm. 7.To exit, press the Save soft key to return to the previous screen, the Back soft key to return to the previous screen and then press the Exit soft key to return to the main screen. Otherwise, after 1 minute, the display will automatically return to the main screen. 49 – ENGLISH TROUBLESHOOTING No dial tone 1.Check that all phone cord connections (including the curly cord) and AC adapter are security plugged into the telephone and wall jack. 2.Check that the phone is in the correct dialing mode: tone or pulse (page 23). 3.Plug another phone into the wall jack to make sure your phone service is working. No audible ringer 1.Make sure the ringer is not turned off (pages 16-17). 2.Check the volume level of the ringer (pages 16-17). 3.Verify the AC adapter is securely plugged into the AC outlet and telephone. 4.You may have too many extensions on your line. Try unplugging a few a devices. No Strobe ringer and/or bed shaker will not activate 1.Make sure the strobe and/shaker switch is turned ON (page 17). 2.Make sure the bed shaker is plugged into the correct jack (page 17). 3.Make sure the bed shaker is plugged in all the way. No amplification 1.Check to see if the Amplify button is ON. The red light should be lit (pages 14-15). 2.The AC adapter is required; make sure the AC adapter is plugged into the wall and into appropriate jack on the phone. Low handset or speaker volume 1.Check the receiver or speaker volume settings. 50 – ENGLISH Can’t be heard by other party 1.Check that all phone cord connections are securely plugged into the telephone and wall jack. 2.Make sure extension phones are on the hook at the same time you’re using the phone. It is normal for the volume to drop when additional extension phones are used at the same time. Noise, Static, Interference while using the phone 1.A filter may be required for home with DSL line or near Radio towers. 2.Make sure the AC adapter is not plugged into the wall outlet with other appliances. 3.Try relocating the phone to another location. No numbers dialed when memory button is pressed 1.No number stored in that memory button. 2.Make sure phone number was programmed and saved (pages 25-26). 3.Make sure programming is done in the correct dialing mode (touch-tone or pulse). Caller ID information does not show 1.Make sure you are subscribed to Caller ID service through your local phone company. No Caller ID information while on a call 1.Make sure you service provides Caller ID information while you are on a call. This is sometimes known as “Caller ID on Call Waiting” or “Type II Caller ID”. 2.The phone cannot display the information if another phone on the same line is in use. 51 – ENGLISH TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS General Number: CSC1000 Amplification: Up to 55 dB incoming Power Requirements AC power Adapter: Input: 120~240VAC 50/60Hz 150mA Output: 7.5VDC 500mA Jacks: 3.5mm audio output 2.5mm headset 3.5mm shaker Features and Specifications subject to change without notice. Purchase accessories for Your Clearsounds Phone: Optional Shaker: ClearSounds CS-SHK (connects easily to your phone to signal incoming calls. Optional Neckloop: CS-CLA7V2 (connects easily to your phone’s 2.5mm Telephone Headset jack for hands-free conversations). Requires hearing aid(s) or cochlear implant(s) with t-coil(s). Optional Headset: CS-900HS (connects easily to your phone’s 2.5mm Telephone Headset jack for hands-free conversations). To learn more, call ClearSounds at 1-800-965-9043 or visit 52 – ENGLISH FCC WANTS YOU TO KNOW 1. This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules and the requirements adopted by the ACTA. On the bottom of this equipment is a label that contains, among other information, a pr...

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