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Istruzioni per l'uso ClearSounds, Modello CLEARSOUNDS A300E

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Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) This phone meets the FCC standards for Hearing Aid Compatibility. IMPORTANT: YOUR RECEIPT IS PART OF YOUR WARRANTY AND MUST BE RETAINED AND PRODUCED IN THE EVENT OF A WARRANTY CLAIM. PLEASE SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS 4 – ENGLISH 5 – ENGLISH - INSTALLATION STEPS Installation of your ClearSounds® A300E DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Sound Boost is easy. There are some basic steps you need to take when you set-up your phone for the first time. If, at any time, you have questions about your phone after reading this manual, please contact the ClearSounds® Customer Service Department at 1-800-965-9043. 1. PARTS CHECKLIST Check the contents of the box - The A300E should contain: Phone base Cordless Handset Batteries AC Adapter Carrying Clip User Manual 2. PHONE INSTALLATION The phone should be located in an area where it is easy to see the visual display and lighted ringer. Choose an area near a power outlet. To avoid potential interference, the phone should not be located near electronic equipment, such as personal computers, television or microwave ovens. Begin by removing the clear plastic Caller ID protective tab. This film tab is only for display and to protect your Caller ID display during shipping. Bottom of base Desk / Table Mounting 1. Plug the AC power adapter into the jack on the bottom of the base, then plug the AC adapter into a standard electrical outlet or surge protector. NOTE: The adapter is required for the phone to work. Installing Batteries Three AAA re-chargeable Ni-MH batteries come with your phone. You must install the batteries before using your phone. 1. Remove the battery compartment cover by sliding it downwards. 2. Insert the new batteries. Be sure to observe battery polarity as imprinted on the inside of the compartment. 3. Replace the battery compartment cover by sliding upward until it clicks into place. NOTE: The batteries need to be replaced if they do not recover their full storage capacity after recharging. Check the battery icon on the LCD to see the battery charge level. When replacing the batteries, always use good quality Ni-MH AAA re-chargeable batteries. Charging the Handset 1. Place the handset into the base. The LCD screen will light up and you will hear a beep to indicate charging has begun. 2. Important: Before initial operation, you should fully charge the handset for at least 15 hours. 3. After the batteries are fully charged, begin the registration process as described on page 8. 6 – ENGLISH When battery power is very low and you place the handset on the base, the display will show . Check the battery icon on the LCD to see the battery charge level. Using the Handset Carrying Clip You may choose to use the optional belt clip provided with your handset. 1. To attach, slide the belt clip down onto the grooves. Press the tabs on the belt clip into the slots to attach. 2. To remove, insert a screwdriver along the edge of one of its “arms” and release the clip and then lift it off. MENU NAVIGATION Screen Navigation If you press the Back soft key from any menu, the phone returns to the previous screen. To return to the main screen at any time, press . The phone will automatically return to the main screen from any menu if no key is pressed for 1 minute. “Standby” can mean that you are at the main screen or can also mean that you are not on a live call and do not have dial tone engaged. In standby mode, you can press to turn the LCD backlight on/off. To Access a MENU Option 1. To display the menu list, press the Menu soft key. 2. To scroll through menu options, press up or down repeatedly. You will see an arrow to the left of the menu item that is currently selected. 7 – ENGLISH 3. To select one of the menu options, Press the Select soft key when the desired menu item appears with the arrow to its left. BASIC PHONE FUNCTIONS - Registering the Handset Up to 4 additional A300E handsets can be registered to the base. 1. Before registering an additional handset to the base, you should press and hold the page key , which is located on the main base, for about 5 seconds and then release it. 2. Press the Menu soft key on the handset you are registering to display the main menu list. 3. Press up or down to scroll to Registration and then press the Select soft key. 4. Press up or down to scroll through the base list and select one of the bases and then press the Select soft key. The handset will search for the requested base. 5. If the base is found, and the handset is successfully registered, you will be prompted to enter the PIN code (the default PIN is 0000). Upon validation of the PIN, the Registration tone will sound and the base assigns a number to the handset. If the PIN entered is invalid, a warning tone will sound and the handset will return to the previous registration state. 6. If the base is not found, the handset will behave according to the Out of Range description found on page 11. 8 – ENGLISH - Turning the Handset “Power On/Off” Mode The A3...

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