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Istruzioni per l'uso ClearSounds, Modello CL1

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4.At your option, plug the Optional Bed Shaker into the shaker jack on the back of the CL1 & place the shaker under your pillow or mattress Your CL1 is ready for use. Now you simply need to adjust the settings to fit your needs. Operation 1. Set the Alarm Mode. No Alarm Both Strobe Flasher & Sound Alarm Both Strobe Flasher & Shaker Both Sound Alarm & Shaker 2. Adjust your Volume Control This increases or decreases the volume of the Sound Alarm. 3. Adjust your Tone Control This shapes the sound by increasing the frequencies of the Sound Alarm. Regulatory Compliance Part 68 of FCC Rules Information This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules and the requirements adopted by the ACTA. On the bottom of this equipment is a label that contains, among other information, a product identifier in the format US:AAAEQ##TXXXX. If requested, this number must be provided to the telephone company. A plug and jack used to connect this CL1 to the premises wiring and telephone network must comply with the applicable FCC Part 68 rules and requirements adopted by the ACTA. A compliant telephone cord and modular plug, RJ11 USOC, is provided with this product. It is designed to be connected to a compatible modular jack that is also compliant. See installation instructions for details. The REN is used to determine the number of devices that may be connected to a telephone line. Excessive RENs on a telephone line may result in the devices not ringing in response to an incoming call. In most, but not all areas, the sum of RENs should not exceed five (5.0). To be certain of the number of devices that may be connected to a line, as determined by the total RENs, contact the local telephone company. For products approved after July 23, 2001, the REN for this product is part of the product identifier that has the format US:AAAEQ##TXXXX. The digits represented by ## are the REN without a decimal point (e.g., 03 is a REN of 0.3). For earlier products, the REN is separately shown on the label. If this telephone equipment, the CL1, causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company will notify you in advance that temporary discontinuance of service may be required. But if advance notice isn’t practical, the telephone company will notify the customer as soon as possible. Also, you will be advised of your right to file a complaint with the FCC if you believe it is necessary. The telephone company may make changes in its facilities, equipment, operations or procedures that could affect the operation of the equipment. If this happens the telephone company will provide advance notice in order for you to make necessary modifications to maintain uninterrupted service. If trouble is experienced with this telephone equipment, for repair or warranty information, please contact ClearSounds Communication at 1-800-965-9043. If the equipment is causing harm to the telephone network, the telephone company may request that you disconnect the equipment until the problem is resolved. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THIS EQUIPMENT. This telephone equipment is not intended to be repaired and it contains no repairable parts. Opening the equipment or any attempt to perform repairs will void the warranty. For service or repairs, call 1-800-965-9043. Connection to party line service is subject to state tariffs. Contact the state public utility commission, public service commission or corporation commission for information. Limited Warranty ClearSounds Communications warrants the CL1 Loud N’ Clear Phone Signaler against any defect in materials or workmanship for the period of one year from the date of purchase. Within a period of one year from purchase date, ClearSounds Communications will repair or replace (at our discretion) your CL1 Phone Signaler at no cost. If we elect to replace your signaler, we may replace it with a new or reconditioned product of the same or similar design. Repair or replacement will be warranted for a period of 90 days or the original time on the original warranty, whichever is longer. The guarantee does not cover accidents, negligence or breakage to any parts. This includes shipping damage, failure to follow instructions, misuse, fire, floods, use of incompatible accessories, Acts of God or failure in your phone service carrier’s line service. The product must not be tampered with or taken apart by anyone who is not an authorized ClearSounds Communications representative. Tampering with the CL1 will void any written or implied warranties. ClearSounds Communications shall not be responsible for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of your CL1, property damage caused by your CL1 or any other incidental or consequential damages. Warranty service is available only with proof of purchase. IMPORTANT: YOUR RECEIPT IS PART OF YOUR GUARANTEE AND MUST BE RETAINED AND PRODUCED IN THE EVENT OF A WARRANTY CLAIM Shipping cost must be prepaid and the product must be packaged appropriately for shipping. 8160 Madison Ave., Burr Ridge, IL 60527 80...

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