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Istruzioni per l'uso ClearSounds, Modello CSC40

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Be sure to observe battery polarity as imprinted on the base of the compartment. 3. Snap the battery compartment door back in place. 4. The batteries will last approximately 1 year before needing replacement. 5. Note: The telephone ringer will operate with or without batteries. 6. Note: When replacing batteries, you will need to remove the Wall Plate adapter if in use. Slide the phone upward to remove & disconnect the phone from your existing wall jack. Slowly slide the Wall Plate adapter down until it unsnaps from the phone. DIAGRAM #1- Installing the batteries Follow the directions above. SETTING THE DIALING MODE Set the dial mode switch located on back of the phone to “T” if you have Touch Tone service or “P” for Pulse dialing if you have rotary dialing service. The default is set to “T” dialing switch mode. Please check with your local telephone company if uncertain of the type of service. (See diagram #2) DIAGRAM #2 – Dialing mode switch INTERNATIONAL PULSE SPEED SWITCH Set the International speed switch located on back of the phone to “300 mS”. The default is set to 300mS (See diagram #3). The 100 mS is used in the UK. DIAGRAM #3 – International speed switch PHONE MOUNTING INSTALLATIONS Make sure you have a modular wall jack near the place you have chosen to install the telephone. If you have an older phone jack, you will need to buy a modular jack adapter. Desk / Table Use 1. Connect one end of the 6ft telephone cord to the line jack on the back of your CSC40 Phone and connect the other end to a modular phone jack (RJ11C). 2. Connect the handset coil cord (curly cord) to the handset and to the telephone. 3. Lift the handset and listen for a dial tone. If you hear a dial tone, you phone is ready to use. If there is no dial tone, check all your cords to make sure they are plugged in securely. Wall Mount Use 1. Slide the handset hanger tab out and reverse its position (rotate it 180 degrees). Slide it back into place so that the hook points up (See diagram #4). This will keep the handset from falling out of the cradle when it is mounted on the wall. 2. Insert the Wall Plate adapter (See diagram #5). It snaps into place. The cords phone line should run underneath the wall-mounting bracket. 3. With the Wall Plate adapter installed, plug the 8in short phone cord into the telephone jack on the CSC40 and then into the jack on the wall. 4. Holding the phone slightly above the mounting screws on the wall jack, push the phone against the mounting screws so they are hooked into upper and lower keyhole slots on the back of the phone. Slowly slide the phone down until it snaps into place (See diagram #6). 5. Connect the handset coil cord (curly cord) to the handset and to the telephone. 6. Lift the handset and listen for a dial tone. If you hear a dial tone, your phone is ready to use. If there is no dial tone, check all your cords to make sure they are plugged in securely. DIAGRAM #4 – Reversing the hook DIAGRAM #5 –Wall plate installation DIAGRAM #6 – Wall installation PROGRAMMING MEMORY DIAL BUTTONS Your CSC40 Phone holds 12 programmed Memory Dial Buttons. To program your one-touch memory dial buttons please follow instructions below: 1. Lift the handset. 2. Press the PROG button (See diagram #7). 3. Press one of the 12 Memory Dial buttons (M1 - M12) located on top of the phone (See diagram #8). Each button can be programmed (or reprogrammed using the same procedure) for a phone number up to 21 digits long. 4. Using the keypad, dial the number you would like to save, including 1 and the area code (if applicable). (See diagram #9). 5. Press the PROG button again (See diagram #7). 6. To register your stored phone numbers, use the erasable phonebook card located on the top of your phone. IMPORTANT: The phonebook card is non-removable. Simply use a clean pencil eraser to make changes. Note: Numbers will be lost after a few hours if you disconnect your phone. Entering a new number in the same location will automatically erase the previous number. DIAGRAM #7- Program button DIAGRAM #8 – Memory buttons DIAGRAM #9 – Telephone keypad Note: You may store in multiple pauses during programming by pressing the “REDAIL” button. Each pause is 2 seconds when inserted within the first digits and when inserted after the 5 digits. WHen the number is dilled, the phone will halt at the inserted pause(s) until you press “REDIAL” button to continue. PROGRAMMING THE RINGER Ringer Volume: You can adjust the ringer volume of your CSC40 as high as 75 dB. The ringer volume adjustment is located on the backside of the telephone. The settings are HI, LO, OFF (See diagram 10). Batteries are required if you wish to increase the ringer level an additional 10 dB of gain, see page #6. : Off : Lo : Hi DIAGRAM #10 – Ringer volume switch Ringer Style: Your CSC40 Phone’s default setting for the ringer is set at 6. If you don’t like the ringer style, you can choose a new one by changing the settings as follows: Low Mid High Melody 1 1 2 3 Melody 2 5 ...

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