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Istruzioni per l'uso Bosch, Modello BX1

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To prevent the fuse from tripping, select the lowest power setting before switching the vacuum cleaner on, and increase the power only once it is running. Fold out picture pages. Before using for the first time Figure Da Push the handle onto the flexible hose until it engages. Setting up Figure a) Push the flexible hose into the opening at the front of the vacuum cleaner. b) To remove the flexible hose, turn to release the catch and pull the hose out. Figure |3*| Push the handle into the fixed/telescopic tube. To remove it, turn the handle slightly and pull it out of the tube. Figure E9 Insert the fixed/telescopic tube into the floor tool. To remove it, turn the tube slightly and pull it out of the floor tool. Figure E3 a) Connect the fixed tubes together, or b) Unlock the telescopic tube to adjust its length by moving the sliding button in the direction of the arrow. Figure Holding the power cord by the plug, pull out the required length and plug the plug into the mains socket. 11 dn Figure Press the on/off button in the direction of the arrow to switch your vacuum cleaner on/off. Figure Adjust the suction by turning the on/off button in the direction of the arrow. Set the power setting to maximum for the best results when vacuuming. Vacuuming Figure Adjust the adjustable floor tool: ■ Rugs and carpets => |0| ■ Hard floors/parquet => Figure U!iH Vacuuming with accessories Attach the nozzles to the tube or handle as required: a) Crevice nozzle for vacuuming crevices and corners, etc. b) Upholstery nozzle for vacuuming upholstered furniture, curtains, etc. c) Hard furnishing brush For cleaning window frames, cabinets, mouldings, etc. d) Hard-floor brush* For vacuuming hard floors (parquet flooring, laminate flooring, wooden floorboards, stone floors, etc.) Figure DQ3 Pet hair upholstery nozzle ■ For easy and thorough removal of pet hair (attach to handle or suction pipe as required). ■ To clean the pet hair upholstery nozzle, simply vacuum using the handle. ■ If it is very dirty, the pet hair upholstery nozzle can also be opened. To do this, turn the two screws on the sides of the nozzle (e.g. using a coin) and remove the inner part from the nozzle. ■ After cleaning, replace the inner part (make sure it is correctly seated) and screw to the housing. Figure KB You can use the parking aid on the back of the vacuum cleaner if you wish to stop vacuuming for a short time. Once you have switched off the vacuum cleaner, slide the catch on the floor tool into the groove at the rear of the appliance. Figure To store or transport the vacuum cleaner, use the storage aid on the underside of the vacuum cleaner. Stand the vacuum cleaner up on its end. Slide the catch on the floor tool into the groove on the underside of the appliance. | CAUTION: Do not operate in an • upright/vertical position. Figure D3 The appliance can also be carried using the carrying handle when vacuuming steps, for example. When the work is done Figure B3 Unplug the vacuum cleaner. Tug the power cord briefly and let go. The cable then rewinds automatically. Figure DU Unlock the telescopic tube by moving the sliding button in the direction of the arrow and slide one tube into the other. *Depending on equipment 12 de Emptying the dust container and cleaning the particle filter To achieve optimum vacuuming results, the dust container should be emptied each time the vacuum cleaner is used or, at the latest, when the maximum fill level is reached. You should also check the fluff filter, foam filter and motor protection filter after each vacuuming job. Clean the filters if necessary, by tapping out the dust or rinsing them. Emptying the dust container Figure Use the release button to unlock the cylinder. The cylinder releases upwards. Figure Da Remove the dust container from the vacuum cleaner using the handle. Figure Da Press the button (PRESS) to release the dust container flap and empty the container into the rubbish bin. Emptying the dust container Figure ■ Close the dust container flap and click it into place at all 3 catches. Cleaning the foam filter and fluff filter Figure El ■ Open the filter cartridge and take out the filter frame with the fluff filter and foam filter. ■ Remove the fluff filter and foam filter from the filter frame and clean them by tapping out the dirt. If the filters are very dirty, they should both be rinsed out. The components of the fine-dust filter system can be cleaned in a washing machine at 30 °C using the delicates cycle. ■ Insert the foam filter into the fluff filter and clip into the filter frame. ■ Insert the filter frame into the filter cartridge and click into place, in the direction of the arrow. Cleaning the motor protection filter Figure ■ Open the motor protection filter flap. Remove the micro filter and shake it clean. ■ If it is very dirty, the motor protection filter should be rinsed. The motor protection filter can even b...

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