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Istruzioni per l'uso Philips, Modello HR8903/02

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To remove the obstruction, disconnect the blocked-up item and connect it (as far as possible) in adverse position. Then the air will stream through the item in opposite direction. Active Carbon filter The active carbon in this filter absorbs unpleasant smells. The two electrostatically charged filter layers guarantee that the exhaust air is perfectly clean. S-Class filter The S-Class filter is capable of removing from the outlet air at least 99.97% of all the particles measuring 0.0003 mm and more. This includes not only normal domestic dust, but also harmful microscopic vermin such as glycyphagii and their excrements. These are known as causes of bronchial allergies. 4 Park & Stop If you wish to interrupt vacuum cleaning, you can place the tube clip into the rest (fig. 16). You can slide the clip along the tube to change the height. In one movement the tube is parked in a convenient position (fig. 17) and the motor is switched off. When you lift the tube from the rest the motor will start again automatically. Storage -Switch the vacuum cleaner off (fig. 18). -Remove the mains plug from the wall socket. -Rewind the mains cord by pressing the cordwinder pedal (i) (fig. 19). -Hitch the lower tube onto the vacuum cleaner (fig. 20-21). You can slide the clip along the tube to change the height. Replacing the dustbag • Only use this vacuum cleaner with the original Philips dustbags types Oslo+ or Oslo+ Hygiene (closeable). Damage due to using other dustbags is not covered by guarantee. • The "dustbag full indicator" will indicate when the dustbag is full (fig. 22). -Switch the vacuum cleaner off (fig. 18). -Remove the hose (fig. 2). -Open the cover (fig. 23). -Remove the cassette with the full dustbag (fig. 24). -Remove the full dustbag from the cassette by pulling the cardboard tag (fig. 25). This automatically closes the dustbag (type Oslo+ Hygiene). -Discard the full dustbag. -Slide the cardboard front plate of the new dustbag into the two slots of the cassette as far as possible (fig. 26-27). -Position the cassette and the new dustbag in the vacuum cleaner (fig. 28). -Bend the rear part of the dustbag downwards. -Close the cover ("Click!") (fig. 29). Note: If no dustbag has been placed into the cassette, the cover cannot be closed. Replacing the Active Carbon filter Replace this filter once a year or when you notice that smell absorbtion becomes less effective. After having removed the full dustbag, you can see the removable holder with the old Active Carbon filter. You can take the holder to the dustbin and shake the filter out there. Hygienic: you need not touch the filter (fig. 31). Position the new filter in the holder (fig. 30-31). Press the holder with the new filter firmly into place to ensure that it fits in correctly at the bottom. Replacing the S-Class filter To guarantee optimum air filtering, the S-Class filter needs replacement at least once a year. -Open the filter holder (fig. 33). -Remove the old filter (fig. 34). -Positon the S-Cl...

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