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Istruzioni per l'uso Bosch, Modello VS55A80/05

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73/23/EEC (amended by Directive 93/68/EEC). . Only connect to a power supply and operate the vacuum cleaner in accordance with the rating plate. . Do not use the vacuum cleaner without the dust collector or dust bag fitted => The appliance could be damaged. . Only allow children to use the vacuum cleaner under supervision. Keep suction away from your face when using the hand grip, nozzles or pipe. => Risk of injury. . Do not carry / transport the vacuum cleaner by the power cord. . Remove the power completely from the power supply after using continuously for several . When disconnecting the appliance the mains, pull the plug, not the power . Do not pull the power cord around sharp corners or allow it to become trapped. . Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the mains before carrying out any work on it. . Do not use the vacuum cleaner if it is damaged. Unplug the power cord from the mains if a fault is detected. . Only authorised after-sales service personnel are permitted to carry out repairs and fit replacement parts to the vacuum cleaner. . The vacuum cleaner should be protected from the weather, moisture and sources of heat. . Switch off the vacuum cleaner when it is not in use. . At the end of its life, the vacuum cleaner should be rendered unusable and disposed of in an appropriate manner. en Disposal information Packaging The packaging is designed the vacuum cleaner against damage transportation. It is made of environment-friendly materials and can be recycled. Dispose of unneeded packaging at recycling stations. Used vacuum cleaners Old appliances still contain many recyclable materials. Please take your old vacuum cleaner to your retailer or recycling centre so that it can be recycled. For current disposal methods, please enquire at your appliance dealership or local council. ! Please note The mains socket must be protected by a 16 A fuse. If a fuse should blow when you switch on the vacuum cleaner, this may be because other electrical appliances which have a high current draw are connected to the same power circuit. To prevent the fuse from tripping, select the lowest power setting before switching the vacuum cleaner on, and increase the power only once it is running. Fold out picture pages. Setting up Figure 1 a) Push the hose connector into the opening on the vacuum cleaner until it engages. b) When removing the suction hose, press together both latches and pull out the hose. Figure 2 a) Connect the handle and the suction hose together. b) Push the handle into the telescopic tube until it engages. To release the connection, press the release button and pull the handle out. Figure 3 a) Connect the floor tool and the suction hose together. b) Insert the telescopic tube into the connecting piece of the floor tool. Figure 4 a) Connect the suction hoses together. b) Disconnect the telescopic tube and adjust its length by moving the adjusting button / sliding sleeve in the direction of the arrow. Figure Attach the accessories holder to the multipurpose nozzle and clip it onto the suction hose / telescopic tube. 5 Figure Holding the power cord by the plug, pull out the required length and plug it into the mains socket. 6 Figure Press the on/off button in the direction of the arrow to switch your vacuum cleaner on/off. 7 en Figure 8 Adjust the suction by turning the on/off button in the direction of the arrow. Vacuuming Figure 9 Adjusting the floor tool: a) rugs and carpets b) hard floors Figure 10 Vacuuming with accessories (attach to hand grip or suction hose as required) . a) Multi-purpose nozzle For cleaning corners and crevices, as well as upholstered furniture, curtains, etc. b) Crevice nozzle For cleaning crevices and corners. c) Upholstery nozzle For cleaning upholstered furniture, curtains, etc. d) Matress nozzle For cleaning mattresses, upholstery, etc. e) Hard-floor brush For cleaning hard floor coverings (tiles, parquet flooring, etc.) f) Furniture brush For cleaning window frames, cabinets, mouldings, etc. Figure 11 When stopping cleaning for a moment, you can use the parking aid on the back of the vacuum cleaner. Slide the catch on the floor tool into the groove at the rear of the appliance. Figure 12 The appliance can also be carried using the two handles when vacuuming steps, for example. When the work Figure 13 Unplug the vacuum cleaner. Tug the power cord briefly and let go. The cable then rewinds automatically. Figure 14 To store or transport the vacuum cleaner, use the storage aid on the underside of the vacuum cleaner. Stand the vacuum cleaner up on its end. Slide the catch on the floor tool into the groove on the underside of the appliance. You have purchased a floor vacuum cleaner which can vacuum up any type of dry dirt using the dust collector or dust bag. We recommend that you use – the dust collector for dirt generated by DIY in particular, such as sawdust. – the dust bag principally for everyday household cleaning. Using the dust collector Figure 15 Set the power setting to maxi...

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