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Istruzioni per l'uso TDK, Modello DAPS-01

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The DAPS-01 is specifically designed for remote positioning of two antennas, both in the horizontal and vertical planes, during EMC testing. The DAPS-01 simplifies testing by allowing the user to test continuously across two antenna bandwidths without interruption. Remote Control The DAPS-01 is remotely controlled by the TDK SI-300 system interface unit. A single independent control unit is used to handle the turn axis and the polarization sense. Fiber Optic Link Remote control of the positioning system is achieved by use of fiber optic links, eliminating a potential interference source and distance limitations. Custom Dimensions The dimensions of the positioning system mast and turntable are dependent on the customer's required illumination area. Dimensions are limited only by the maximum length of cable that is used. The TDK DAPS-01 Dual Antenna Positioning System is designed to simply testing by enabling remote positioning of two antennas in EMC test environments. Applications Features ■ Compatible with the TDK SI-300 system inter- ■ Remote independent vertical crnd h°riz°ntal face polarization ■ Fiber optic interface ■ Custom dimensions to meet customer requirements ■ Shielded remote modules for use in high field environments ■ Universal linear power supply 1101 Cypress Creek Road ■ Cedar Park, Texas 78613, USA ■ 1-512-258-9478 ■ FAX 1-512-258-0740 &TDK DAPS-01 Dual Antenna Positioning System System Components Ordering Information Dual Antenna Mast with Integrated Turntable SI-300 System Interface One set of fiber optic cables Mechanical Specifications Dimensions: Adjustable Height: Polarization: Cross-Boom Loading: Mast Weight: Turntable Weight: Construction: 2.16 m H x 1.65 m D (85" x 65") 1 - 2 m (39" - 79") Automatic horizontal and vertical polarization 20 kg (44 lbs.) 30 kg (67 lbs.) 35 kg (77 lbs.) Non-conductive fiberglass and ABS plastic Product: Model Number: Warranty: Dual Antenna Positioning System DAPS-01 1 year limited To place an order or to learn more about the TDK products that best meet your needs, contact your TDK sales representative: TDK RF Solutions Inc. 1101 Cypress Creek Rd. Cedar Park, Texas 78613 USA Phone: 1-512-258-9478 Fax: 1-512-258-0740 E-mail: info@tdkrf.com World Wide Web: ■ ■ ■ Electrical Specifications Voltage: Amp: Hertz: Phase: Source Air: 115/230 4/3A 50/60 Hz 1ÿ Regulated to 20 psi IOTA! RF EXPERTISE™ S SYSTEMS C CHAMBERS P SW PRODUCTS SOFTWARE TS TEST SERVICES To learn more about TDK's wide range of innovative test products, solutions and services visit Copyright © TDK RF Solutions Inc. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. Rev. 2011-08-02...

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