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Istruzioni per l'uso Cadence, Modello Preamp Parametric Equalizer CEQ-600

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With proper care and installation the CEQ600 will service you with years of performance and reliability. The CEQ600 is intended for those who value the acoustic benefits of a multiband Parametric Equalizer / Subwoofer Crossover coupled with the power of controlling four amplifier channels and two independent sub woofer channels directly from the automobile dash board. The CEQ600 is a passive preamp equalizer requiring external amplification to power speakers. It provides 2 channels of front output, 2 channels of rear output and 2 channels of subwoofer output. Every car interior produces at least one sharp peak or dip in the frequency response that results in highly unnatural sound reproduction. But the exact frequency and its level of intensity depend on unpredictable factors such as the size and volume of the Interior, type of material used for the interior (cloth, leather, vinyl), whether a window is open or how many passengers are on board. Because of these variables, even a multi-band graphic equalizer will not be able to control a particular frequency without unnecessarily affecting others. The listener is therefore faced with either unwanted alteration of frequencies or having unnatural peaks and dips, which might result in boomy bass, a muddied vocal range or harsh treble response. The purpose of the 7 Parametric frequency bands built into the CEQ600 is to allow you to tune the basic frequencies in order to correct problem in car responses. Once brought into focus, the problem frequency can then be attenuated or boosted. Precise control is therefore possible over the entire frequency range while other individual adjacent bands need not be affected. When Increasing the boost of any frequency you are actually increasing the output voltage of the equalizer to the amplifier. Please be sure that your amplifier has enough "head room'' and is capable of handling the source increase without clipping. It Is also important that your speakers are capable of reproducing the frequency range which you have chosen to boost without being over driven. For example, do not attempt to boost a 60Hz signal to a small midrange driver, this will only cause the midrange to bum out. The proper procedure for a successful Installation is to incorporate either an electronic crossover or passive crossovers to help control which frequencies will actually reach the proper speakers, For basic installations in a vehicle with the larger speakers in the rear and smaller speakers In the front, utilize the fader control to adjust the amount of power reaching the speakers. By turning the fader more to the rear position, more power will be distributed to the rear speakers, thereby protecting the smaller speakers in the front of the vehicle. FEATURES & OPERATING CONTROLS. 1. FADER CONTROL. Allows for front to rear balancing in a four speaker system for best directional imaging. The Fader Control is located at the outer knob position around the Master Volume Control. 2. MASTER VOLUME. Simultaneously raises and lowers the volume of all 7 band levels. 3. LINE INPUT SELECTOR. Selects Line 1 or Line 2. This can be used to switch an additional components beyond the input capabilities of your head unit. For example if you wish to add a DVD or CD changer to your system, you can input the signal into the CD RCA jacks located in the rear of the CEQ600 and select the input source via the front panel switch. The top of the CEQ600 chassis features stereo Input Gain adjustments for the CD input so that you can match the input signal of your two source units to match in volume when you switch belween them. 4. PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER FREQUENCY CONTROLS. The CEQ600 provides for 7 adjustable bandwidth rages of equalizer control. This allows for precise control over the full frequency range. The range controls are located on the outer knobs while the inner knob controls the 18dB gain or cut. The frequency ranges are as follows: 20Hz - 80Hz, 80Hz - 160Hz, 160Hz - 320Hz, 320Hz - 800Hz, 800Hz - 2KHz, 2KHz -1 OKHz, 1 OKHz - 20KHz. 5. SUBWOOFER CONTROL. The CEQ600 features separate RCA output for independent subwoofer utilization in the system. The subwoofer channels are stereo and feature anl 8dB per octave Butterworth low pass crossover which is fully adjustable from 32Hz to 320Hz. The outer knob of the subwoofer knob controls the LOW PASS crossover frequency while the inner knob adjusts the volume. 2 INSTALLATION. The CEQ600 Is designed for in dash installation directly above or below a standard DIN size radio/tape player or CD player controller. Installation kits are available from your dealer to help make your installation quick and simple while giving your installation a custom, built-in look. Brackets and screws are supplied with this unit for under the dash, glove compartment or console installations. Consult your professional auto sound dealer/installer for assistance. WIRING. The CEQ600 is equipped with a molex type plug for power, ground...

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