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Istruzioni per l'uso Hafler, Modello MAQ-104

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.Page 1 Features .............................. Page1 Nomenclature ........................... .Page2 Installation ............................. .Page3 Equalization ............................ .Page5 Applications ............................ .Page8 Possible Equalization Curves................... .Page9-10 Specifications ........................... .Page11 Possible System Configurations...................Page12-17 Warranty ............................. .Page18 INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your selection of the Hafler MAC-104 Octave Equalizer. You have acquired a product that will greatly enhance the performance of your auto sound system. Because of the sophistication of this advanced electronic device, we recommend that you thoroughly understand the contents of this manual before operation and installation FEATURES Full 4 channel operation maintains ability to fade. > Single chassis provides straight forward installation 10 Bands per channel for optimal adjustment. > + 12dB of boost and cut per band. > Each channels flat position is located by a center click in each potentiometer. Defeat switching front and rear. > Perfect for trouble shooting. > Aid in vehicle curve adjustment > Can be used for 2 channel dual curve installation (See Figure 6) Multi-Mode operation. > 4 channel 4 way > 2 channel 2 way > 2 channel dual curve Programmable remote turn-on delay circuitry. > Switch selectable delay times from .5 to 4 seconds > Remote in from source unit is delayed and then passed on to the amplifiers. > Provides a delay period for the stabilization of all electronics prior to amplification. > Eliminates turn on/off thump. Gold plated RCA Connectors 1 Hinged top provides easy access to crossover modules. > Detailed owner’s manual located conveniently inside hinged top. > Cosmetically "clean” look enhances any installation. > Mounting holes concealed internally. Output sensitivity adjustment. > Insures compatibility with any radio or head piece. > Independent adjustment per channel. NOMENCLATURE Refer to figure 1 for the location of the inputs, outputs, potentiometers, and various switches used in the configuration of the MAQ-104. Front/Rear defeat switch: These two switches will either make the MAQ-104 circuitry active or bypass it completely. See Figure 1 for active/defeat positions. Delay switch: These dip switches are used to program the remote turn-on delay period. Frequency band boost and cut: Each adjustment potentiometers on the MAQ-104 will allow you to boost by turning any potentiometer clockwise, and cut by turning counter clockwise. WARNINGS To prevent possible system damage, please follow the guidelines below. > Never connect or disconnect any component of the sound system while power is applied to the system. > Prolonged exposure to high sound pressure levels can cause hearing impairment -please use common sense when listening to your auto sound system. 2 INSTALLATION The MAQ-104 is a precision piece of electronic equipment and with proper installation will provide years of trouble-free operation. The following steps will help to reduce the amount of time and effort required to install the MAQ-104 > Consult a professional installer if necessary >Mount the unit securely in a clean, dry location using the four internal mounting holes. The four mounting holes are located adjacent to the circuit board > Make sure the installation does not interfere with the normal operation of the vehicle POWER CONNECTOR The four power wires on the MAQ-104 should be connected as follows: Yellow - connect to the + terminal of the battery. Red - Connect to the remote turn-on lead from the source. Black -Connect to the chassis of the vehicle The ground point in the car should be a piece of chassis metal that is welded to the main body of the car. Painted surfaces should be scraped or sanded before the ground lug is bolted down, (Cover the bare metal area with paint or grease to prevent rust.) Blue -Connect to the remote turn-on leads of the amps FUSES The battery wire (yellow) is fused on the circuit board with an AGC 1 amp fast blow fuse. The remote out wire (blue) is also fused on the circuit board with an AGC 1/2 amp fast blow fuse. In order to assure continued protection, replace only with the proper fuse values. See Figure 1 for proper fuse locations. PROGRAMMABLE TURN-ON DELAY The MAC-1 04 has the capability to delay the remote turn-on voltage to the amplifiers by a period of up to 4 seconds. This delay period is necessary in order to allow the signal 3 processing circuitry prior to the MAQ-104 sufficient time to stabilize before power is applied to the amplifiers. This results in minimum turn-on/turn-off thump. . To program the turn-on delay period, set the relay dip switches as shown below: TIME 12 0.5 ON ON 1.0 ON OFF 2.0 OFF ON 4.0 OFF OFF FRONT/REAR DEFEAT SWITCHES The switches in figure 1 are shown in the active position (in the up position with the power connector on your upper left.) By pushing the toggle do...

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