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Istruzioni per l'uso ClearSounds, Modello IL95

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2 Do not use this product near or in water or when you are wet. 3 Do not open this product case as you may expose yourself to hazardous voltages or other risks. Opening the product case automatically voids the warranty. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Power Requirements Your IL95 comes with an AC Adapter, it is recommended that you use a 9V battery as a back-up. In the case of a power outage, your IL95 will automatically switch to battery power. NOTES:• Insert the battery by snapping it into the connectors inside the battery compartment observing the +/- polarity on the button snap fastener. Important: Before replacing the battery, make sure to disconnect the IL-95 from the telephone and AC power. .................. 1 Power Indicator Light 2 Volume 3 Tone 4 Telephone Jack (Base) 5 Boost Button 6 Handset Jack 7 AC Power Adapter Jack 8 Battery Compartment 9 12 Position Compatibility Switch Installation 1 Unplug the handset cord from your telephone base. Insert this cord into the jack marked “HANDSET.” 2 Plug one side of the short phone cord (included) into the jack marked “BASE.” Plug the other end into the telephone base. 3 Set the Compatibility Switch to the “4” setting. This setting provides compatibility for most telephones 4 Attach the AC Power Adapter to the IL95 (located on the upper left hand side of the unit) and plug the other end into a working electrical outlet. 5 Pick up the handset. If you hear a dial tone, your IL95 Amplifier is installed properly. 6 Be sure to register your product online at If you do not hear a dial tone or the person you are calling cannot hear you, consult the telephone compatibility section. OPERATION You can adjust the volume level by using the Volume Control Slide (left control). Pushing the slide up increases the volume. You can adjust the tone by using the Tone Control Slide (right control). Adjust the Tone Control until you find a position that provides the clearest sound. If you require additional amplification at any point in your conversation, simply press & hold the Boost Button. When the Boost Button is pressed, the microphone in the handset is muted. Release the Boost Button when you want to speak. The power indicator light comes on each time you pick up the handset to indicate that the power level is ok. If the indicator light does not come on, check your adapter connections or replace the battery. Important: Before replacing the battery, make sure to disconnect the IL95 from the telephone and the AC adapter. Telephone Compatibility Because not all telephone handsets are wired in a standard way, we have provided a 12-position compatibility switch to adjust the compatibility switch: 1 Press & hold the “on-hook” switch on your telephone or place the handset in the cradle. 2 Adjust the switch by turning it one “click” to the next setting. 3 Release the “on-hook” switch or pick up the handset and listen for a dial tone. 4 Continue this process until you hear a dial tone and the microphone is functional. Once you have located the proper setting, make a note of it in the event it is changed accidentally or you use your IL95 on a different phone. NOTE: The IL95 cannot be used on any telephone where the keypad is located in the handset. Troubleshooting If, after installing your IL95 Amplifier, you do not have a dial tone or the person you called cannot hear you, take the following steps: 1 Check that all connections are plugged in properly 2 Make sure power is connected 3 Either disconnect the unit or use another phone and check that your phone service is working properly. 4 Change the compatibility setting dial located on the bottom of the unit. FCC WANTS YOU TO KNOW Your new product has been registered with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). This product complies with standards in Part 68 of the FCC Rules. The FCC requires us to provide you with the following information: Connection and Use with the Nationwide Telephone Network The FCC requires that you connect your product to the nationwide telephone network through a modular telephone outlet or jack. The modular telephone outlet or jack to which the telephone must be connected is a USOC RJ-11C or RJ-11W. This equipment may not be used with Party Line Service or with Coin Telephone Lines. Notification to the Telephone Company The FCC requires that upon request of your local telephone company, you provide the following information: a) The “line” to which you will connect the telephone equipment (that is, your phone number), and b) The telephone equipment’s FCC registration number and ringer equivalence number (REN). These numbers are on the back or bottom of your telephone equipment. The REN is used to determine how many devices you may connect to your telephone line and still have them ring when your telephone line is called. In most, but not all areas, the sum of all REN’s should be 5 or less. You may want to contact your local telephone company. Repair Instructions If it is determined that yo...

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