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Istruzioni per l'uso AC International, Modello UPP

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The Pocket Programmer is intended for use by an installer who is familiar with UPStart and UPB products. It virtually eliminates the need to have a PC with UPStart software and a Computer Interface Module (CIM) at every jobsite. It makes configuring UPB devices from room to room, quick and easy. The UPP may be used instead of UPStart to provide initial configuration steps such as adding devices to a UPB network or disabling dimming allowing a newly installed switch to operate a fluorescent fixture. It could also be used to program an entire UPB installation. No data is stored in the UPP. The UPB network and device programming is stored in each UPB device. A UPB network that was configured with the UPP may be added to UPStart at any time by using the Network Discovery feature in UPStart. The UPP has diagnostic tools that include a noise and signal meter and an explorer feature that reads and transmits UPB messages on the powerline. In the Run CIM mode the Pocket Programmer may be used as a Computer Interface Module. Model UPP IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using electrical products, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: 1. READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. 2. Keep away from water. If product comes into contact with water or other liquid, unplug immediately. 3. Never use products that have been dropped or damaged. 4. Do not use this product outdoors. 5. Do not use this product for other than its intended use. 6. To avoid risk of fire, burns, personal injury and electric shock, install this product out of reach of small children. 7. Do not cover the product with cloth, paper or any material when in use. 8. This product uses polarized plugs and sockets ( one blade is wider than the other) as a feature to reduce the risk of electric shock. These plugs and sockets fit only one way. If they do not fit, contact a qualified technician. Do not use with an extension cord unless plugs can be fully inserted. Do not alter or replace plugs. 9. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. - 2 - Pocket Programmer INSTALLATION The Pocket Programmer is designed for indoor use. Simply plug the appropriate end of the provided AC cord into the top of the UPP, the other end into any 120-volt outlet anywhere in the house. Once the Pocket Programmer completes its start up procedure the top two (of six) selections of the main menu are on the display and it is ready for use. FUNCTION The Pocket Programmer has an LCD display with 2 lines of 16 characters, a diagnostic LED, 7 buttons, a polarized power connector and a DB-9 port. Model UPP DOWN UP ENTERLEFT RRIIGGHHTTMENU BUTTONS: The buttons provide easy navigation through the Pocket Programmer’s menus on the LCD display. MENU: Returns the display to the previous menu from any sub- menu, exits selection without writing to selected device. UP and DOWN: Provide movement through the menus and toggle through characters when editing a selection. RIGHT and LEFT: Provide movement across the display. ENTER: Enters a selected menu item. Provides movement through selected menu item editable fields, and executes commands and edits that are sent to the selected device or network. Pocket Programmer FUNCTION: Toggles the backlight on the LCD display. LED: The diagnostic LED operates just as the LED on the Computer Interface Module. In Run CIM mode the Pocket Programmer exchanges UPB messages between the powerline and the connected computer or controller. The indicator on the UPP will glow AMBER when powered, flash RED when UPB messages are seen on the power line and flash GREEN when a UPB message is transmitted from the Pocket Programmer. DB9 Port: Connect a standard serial cable to an RS-232 port to use the Pocket Programmer as a Computer Interface Module. The DB9 port may also be used to upgrade the firmware in the UPP. MENU NAVIGATION Pressing the

button backs out of a selection without making changes. Pressing opens the menu selection and submenus. Some menus require the use of the / and / buttons to edit characters and move the cursor position. Model UPP USING THE POCKET PROGRAMMER The pocket programmer mirrors the functionality of UPStart Configuration software. If the installer is familiar with UPStart then most of the UPP menus and functions are intuitive and easy to use. If there are any questions or difficulties in using the UPP referencing the specific function in the UPStart software is highly recommended. The pocket programmer identifies device by Device ID number, device names are not used. It is highly recommended that the User knows (has created a list or plan for) the device’s ID when programming. A device’s ID can ‘Viewed’ by putting the device in setup mode then use the pocket programmer to View the device from the Access Network sub-menu. UPDATING THE POCKET PROGRAMMER The Pocket Programmer was designed with the future in mind. As new UPB devices become available the UPP will need to have its program updated to a...

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