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Istruzioni per l'uso Allied International, Modello AT-8724XL

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Tighten the terminals to between 0.6-0.8 Nm (0.041-0.055 pound-force per foot) e) Ensure there are no exposed conductor strands f) Secure the supply cable (to the rack framework or similar object) so that the connections are isolated from any force applied to the cable g) Ensure the circuit breaker is in the Off position h) Connect the supply-cable wires to the circuit breaker i) Energise the circuit breaker C613-04042-01 REV D Quick Install Guide Quick Install Guide 38-75VDC , 2A FOR CENTRALIZED DC POWER CONNECTION, INSTALL ONLY IN A RESTRICTED AREA DC INPUT DC Power inlet The Fault LED should flash for approximately 10 seconds as the switch runs internal tests. If the LED continues to flash or remains lit, refer to the AT-8700XL Series Hardware Reference for troubleshooting information. 10. Check that the Power LED on the switch’s front panel lights green If the LED fails to light, refer to the AT-8700XL Series Hardware Reference for troubleshooting information. 11. Connect the Redundant Power Supply (Optional) AC models of AT-8700XL Series switches have a Redundant Power Supply (RPS) connector on their rear panel. The switch is designed to operate with the AT-RPS8000 RPS, which can be purchased separately. Contact your authorised Allied Telesyn distributer or reseller for more information. 12. Connect the data cables Make sure each cable connection is secure. The switch will now perform basic Layer 2 switching functions. Configuring the Switch Some configuration is necessary if you wish to enable the switch’s advanced switching capabilities. The switch can be configured via the Command Line Interface (CLI) or Graphical User Interface (GUI). Using the CLI to configure a switch 1. Connect a terminal or PC to the Terminal Port (ASYN0) Using the supplied RS-232 DB9 straight-through cable, connect your terminal or PC to the RS-232 Terminal Port on the switch’s front panel. 2. Set the communication parameters Set the communication parameters on your terminal or terminal emulation program to: • Baud rate: 9600 • Data bits: 8 • Parity: None • Stop bits: 1 • Flow control: Hardware C613-04042-01 REV D AT-8700XL Series Switch AT-8700XL Series Switch Log in After the switch has booted, the log-in prompt appears. If the log-in prompt doesn’t appear, press [Enter] two or three times. When the switch boots for the first time, it automatically creates an account with manager privileges. The account has the log in name “manager” and the password is “friend”. At the log-in prompt, enter the log-in name and password. Login: manager Password: friend The switch’s command prompt appears and you can now configure the switch using the command line interface. Change the password as soon as possible. Leaving the manager account with the default password is a serious security risk. Make sure you remember the new password as there is no way to retrieve it if it is lost. Use the following command to change the account password: set password 4. Load help files To display a list of help topics, enter: help To display help on a specific topic, enter: help topic Alternatively, type a question mark (?) at the end of a partially completed command to see a list of valid options. See the AT-8700XL Series Software Reference for more information on configuring the switch. Using the GUI to configure a router: This section describes how to establish a connection to the router through the GUI, so you can configure the router before installing it in your LAN. For more information about the GUI, see the Using the Graphical User Interface chapter of the AT-8700XL Series Software Reference. 1. Select a PC to browse to the router from You can browse to the router from any PC that is running a supported operating system with a supported browser installed. JavaScript must be enabled. If you are using a toolbar or plug-in on your browser to block pop-ups, disable it while using the GUI. The GUI displays detailed configuration options and information in pop-up windows. You need to know the PC’s subnet. C613-04042-01 REV D Quick Install Guide Quick Install Guide Connect the PC to the router Use an Ethernet cable to connect an Ethernet card on the PC to any one of the switch ports. You can browse to the router through any VLAN, as long as you give that VLAN an IP address (see below). These instructions assume you will use vlan1. The switch ports all belong to vlan1 by default. 3. Access the router’s command line interface Access the CLI from the PC, as described in the previous “Using the CLI to configure a router” section. 4. Enable IP enable ip 5. Assign the vlan1 interface an IP address in the same subnet as the PC add ip interface=vlan1 ip=ipaddress mask=mask 6. Save the configuration and set the router to use it on bootup create config=your-name.cfg set config=your-name.cfg 7. On the PC’s web browser, bypass the HTTP proxy server, if necessary 8. Point your web browser at vlan1’s IP address 9. At the login prompt, enter the user name and password The ...

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