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Istruzioni per l'uso Roland, Modello FR-1

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Facilità d'uso

• Never dispose of the battery in a fire. Never heat it. Doing so may melt the insulation, damage the gas release vents or protective devices, cause combustion through chemical reaction with generated hydrogen, ejection of battery fluid, bursting or fire. • Do not use batteries with the positive (+) and negative (–) terminals reversed, as this may drain the batteries or cause abnormal chemical reactions. • Do no strike or drop the batteries. Strong impact can cause leakage of battery fluid, heat generation, bursting or fire. • Never try to connect several batteries in parallel as this may cause leakage of battery fluid, heat generation, bursting or fire. • Do not alter or remove protective mechanisms or other parts. Never disassemble the batteries. • If any fluid from a battery comes in contact with the eyes, flush the eyes immediately, washing them thoroughly with clean water from a tap or other source and consult a doctor. Strong alkaline fluid can damage the eyes and lead to permanent loss of eyesight. Roland FR-1 – Quick Start • If skin or clothing comes in contact with any fluid from the battery, wash the area immediately with clean water from a tap. Battery fluid can cause skin damage. •When a battery is no longer usable, dispose of it in accordance with all applicable local laws and regulations. • If a battery leaks fluid, changes color or shape or changes in any other way, do not use it, otherwise it may cause heat generation, bursting or fire. Battery handling • Incorrect handling of batteries, rechargeable batteries, or a battery charger can cause leakage, overheating, fire, or explosion. Before use, you must read and strictly observe all of the precautions that accompany the batteries, rechargeable batteries, or battery charger. When using rechargeable batteries and a charger, use only the combination of rechargeable batteries and charger specified by the battery manufacturer. Strap holder precaution • Never unscrew the strap holder rings to avoid damaging the FR-1’s plastic housing, which eventually compromises overall stability and safety. ENGLISH 7 FR-1 V-Accordion 2. Panel descriptions Treble control panel A B C D G H I JE F A VOLUME knob This knob allows you to set the V-Accordion’s overall volume. Turn it all the way to the left (“POWER OFF”) to switch the FR-1 off. Turn it towards the right to switch it on. B ORCH BASS button This button is used to switch the ORCHESTRAL BASS section on and off. C LEFT REGISTER button This button is used to assign the 3 Bass registers to the BASS (light off) or CHORD section (light on). See page 16 for details. D ORCH CHORD button This button is used to switch the ORCHESTRAL CHORD section on and off. E FUNCTION/SET register This register has three functions: after pressing [SET] (it flashes in blue), you can use the Treble registers to select one of the following Sets. The Sets have been programmed at the factory and cannot be changed. By pressing and holding [FUNCTION.SET], you gain access to “hidden” parameters and MIDI functions. Press it together with register [1] or [2] to change octaves. Press it together with register [3] to check the battery status. F Treble registers (1~8) The Treble section provides the following 4 switches (“registers”) that allow you to select 8 different accordion footages. Treble registers 1a Bassoon 3a Clarinet 1b Bandon 3b Musette 2a Master 4a Piccolo 2b Organ 4b Oboe Each register [1]~[4] allows you to select two registrations. When you select an accordion registration, the corresponding register lights green. When you select Set 3+4, “F FOLK”, the footages change as follows. This is not Roland FR-1 – Quick Start ENGLISH printed on the front panel, so please refer to the table below: Treble registers (Set 7= 3+4) 1a Bassoon 3a Sw Valse 1b Jazzy 3b Mr Gus 2a Arnold 4a Av Musette 2b 4 Voix 4b SOS Musette Registers [1]~[4] can be used to select the following orchestral sounds (various musical instruments that are not related to the accordion): Orchestral registers ([ORCHESTRA] lights) 1 Strings 3 Clarinet 2 Sax 4 Scat Voice And finally, registers [1]~[4] allow you to select the following organ sounds: Organ registers ([ORCHESTRA] flashes) 1 Full 3 R & B 2 Jazz 4 Perc Pressing the register of the selected sound again will change the speed of the Rotary effect (fast or slow). G ORCHESTRA/ORGAN button Press this button once (it lights) to be able to select an orchestral sound for the treble keyboard (or buttons). Press it again (it flashes) if you want to play an organ sound with your right hand. Press it yet again to return to the accordion sounds (the button goes dark). Note: The Treble section can be assigned one accordion sound, OR one orchestral sound, OR one organ sound. Combinations (accordion + orchestral, for example) are not available. H USER PROG/DEC and METRONOME/INC buttons The [USER.PROG] button allows you to activate/switch off the FR-1’s memory function. In FUNCTION mode, this button is used to decrease the value ...

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