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Istruzioni per l'uso Speed Queen, Modello Drying Tumblers JCB50CSH

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If ignition does not occur during first three seconds ignition control will “lockout” causing gas valve to close and a red button on ignition control to illuminate. To reset ignition system , open access door and press red button on ignition control. Close and lock access door, verify that gas shut-off valve is in the “on” position and return to step three. 4. If tumbler will not start, remove it from service by turning machine disconnect switch, located on rear of tumbler, to the “off” position and turn the gas shut-off valve, located on rear of tumbler, to the “off” position (gas valve handle should be at a right angle to gas line). T261IE3B POWER TO IGNITION SYSTEM TO GAS VALVE ELECTRONIC IGNITION SPARK IGNITER GAS VALVE Figure 26 M412616 49 ACCESSORY TIMING CAM INSTALLATION (Coin Meter Models) No. of Pins in Cam Cycle Length (Minutes) 6 5 4 10 12 15 REMOVAL OF EXISTING TIMING CAM 1. Rotate cam by hand until "V" notch lines up beneath the ratchet tooth see Figure 28. 2. Insert narrow screwdriver under nylon cam, close to the clock shaft. Lift gently off shaft. Make sure Figure 27 Cams that allow other timer increments are available through your distributor. To figure time increments, use this formula: Timer Motor Speed (60) divided by number of pins on cam = Cycle Length (minutes). Cams are available with 1 to 12 pins. Example: 60 . 5 (Pin cam) = 12 minute cycle. that pressure is directed upward and that the "V" notch clears the ratchet tooth. INSTALLATION OF NEW TIMING CAM 1. Insert drive into timing cam with wide prong in wide hole of cam. 2. Position timing cam and drive fork over the timer shaft, aligning the timer flat with the drive fork and the "V" notch with one of the ratchet teeth. 3. Press timing cam down firmly to seat timing cam onto the motor shaft. LINE UP NOTCH TO CLEAR RATCHET TOOTH LIFT GENTLY WITH NARROW BLADE T039IE1A Figure 28 4. Remove all accumulated time by turning cam counterclockwise until switch shuts off. Apply moderate clockwise pressure to fully seated timing cam and drive against the timing motor shaft. Meter must be advanced electrically for one cycle before an accurate measure of time can be made. 50 M412616 PRELIMINARY OPERATING CHECKS 1. Remove or open all panels and inspect accessible 6. Load tumbler with clothes or clean rags. bolts, nuts, screws, terminals and fittings for security. 7. Start tumbler and check burner flame, adjust gas inlet shutter if necessary (refer to Adjustment 2. Check belt tension, adjust if necessary (refer to Section). Adjustment Section). 8. Check air flow switch operation by opening lint 3. Energize electrical circuit to tumbler circuit panel. Heating system should shut off when breaker and turn on tumbler disconnect switch. lint panel is opened approximately 1-1/2" (3.81 cm). Adjust if necessary (refer to 4. Turn on gas supply at manual gas shut off valve in Adjustment Section). gas supply line (gas models only). Handle of gas shut off valve should be parallel with gas supply 9. Turn off tumbler. line when in “ON” position. 10.Check air flow switch operation by opening lint 5. Press and hold in Push-to-Start Button for panel. Heating systems should shut off when lint approximately three (3) seconds. Release button panel is opened approximately 6" (15.24 cm) with and open cylinder door. Cylinder should stop a full load. rotating within seven (7) seconds after door is opened 3" (7.5 cm) plus or minus 1/4" (0.635 cm). If cylinder does not stop rotating, adjust cylinder door interlock (refer to Adjustment Section). FINAL OPERATING CHECKS Manual Dual Timer Tumbler 1. Set temperature selector to HIGH and set drying and cool down selectors to their maximum settings. 2. Press and hold in Push-to-Start Button for approximately three (3) seconds. Motor will start, heat system will turn on, drying indicator will light and drying selector will rotate counterclockwise. 3. When drying selector reaches zero (0) heat system will shut off, drying indicator will turn off, cooling indicator will light and cooling selector will rotate counterclockwise. 4. W...

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