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Istruzioni per l'uso Ariston, Modello ASD70C

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! Read these instructions carefully; the following pages contain important information on installation and suggestions on how the appliance works. Door Reversal Instructions Door catch Door latch Hinge Hinge The door of your dryer is reversible and can easily be changed. Exchange diagonally hinge brackets and blanking screws. Exchange door latch and catch with their opposite blanking plates (see diagram above). Where to put your dryer . Place your dryer at a distance from gas ranges, stoves, heaters, or cook tops because flames can damage the appliance. . If you are going to install the appliance under a work counter, be sure to leave a 10mm space between the top and any other objects on or above the machine and a 15mm space between the sides and lateral furnishings or walls. This is to ensure proper air circulation. Make sure that the back vents are not obstructed. Ventilation When the dryer is in use, there has to be adequate ventilation. Make sure you put your dryer in an environment that is not damp and has proper air circulation throughout. Airflow around the dryer is essential to condense the water produced during the washing, the dryer will not operate efficiently in an enclosed space or cupboard. ! We do not recommend that the dryer is installed in a cupboard but the dryer must never be installed behind a lockable door, a sliding door or a door with a hinge on the opposite side to that of the dryer door. ! If using the dryer in a small or cold room some condensation could be experienced. Water drain If your dryer is installed next to a drain the water can be plumbed into this drain. This does away with the need to empty the water container. Simply remove the top hose from its top fitting at the rear of the dryer and plumb the hose provided to the drain. Electrical connections Make sure of the following before you insert the plug into the the electrical socket: . The socket must be grounded. . The socket must be able to sustain the machines maximum power, which is indicated on the rating label (see Dryer Description). . Power voltage must be within the values indicated on the rating label (see Dryer Description). . The socket must be compatible with the dryers plug. Should this not be the case, replace the plug or the socket. ! The dryer must not be installed outdoors, even if the space is sheltered. It can be very dangerous if it is exposed to rain or storms. ! Once installed, the dryers electrical wire and plug must be within easy reach. ! Do not use extension cords. ! The power cord must not be bent or squashed. ! The power cord supplied should be checked periodically and replaced by a cord specially prepared for this dryer and fitted only by authorised technicians (see Service). New or longer power cords are supplied at an extra charge by authorised dealers. ! The manufacturer denies any responsibility should any of these rules not be followed. ! If in doubt about any of the above consult a qualified electrician. Before you start using your dryer Once you have installed your dryer and before you use it, clean the inside of the drum to remove any dust that could have accumulated during transport. 2 Dryer Description To open the door Press and release the front panel in position shown Control panel Time and Icon Display unit OPTION Drying Guide Buttons The START/CANCEL button starts a selected programme. When you press this button there will be one short beep and the progress icons will flash on/off to confirm the action. If you have not set a programme, the buzzer will beep four times. When a programme is running, holding this button in gives one long beep and cancels the programme and stops the dryer (see Start and Programmes). The OPTION buttons/icons: these buttons select available options for your selected programme (see The Controls). The icons indicate that the option has been selected. The Drying Guide allows you to consult a user friendly table of fabric types and load capacities. The Empty Water icon signals that the water container should be emptied. When it is flashing it indicates that the container is full. The light will take a few seconds to go out after replacing the empty container, the dryer must be running for this to happen (see The Controls). The features Rating plate Water container Door latchCondenser cover Model & Serial numbers Door catch Air intake grille Condenser cover handle Filter (Pull to open) START/CANCEL On/Off Button Light ON/OFF Button PROGRAMME Selection Buttons The Clean Filter icon reminds you to clean the filter every time you use the dryer (see Maintenance). The On/Off indicator light signals that your dryer is in use or ready to select a programme. The ON/OFF button : If the dryer is running and this button is pressed, the dryer stops. Press again, the dryer restarts. If you have not opened the door, press START button to continue. The Progress icons : show you the status of the programme. They show each stage of the programme by the corresponding icon tur...

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