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Istruzioni per l'uso Samsung, Modello UE32C4000

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In this case, set the time manually, ^ The antenna must be connected in order to set the time automatically. Clock Set: Set the Day, Month, Year, Hour and Minute manually. ^ Available only when Clock Mode is set to Manual. Time Zone (depending on the country): Select your time zone. ^ When Country is set to Others, you can use this function. ^ This function is only available when the Clock Mode is set to Auto, Using the Sleep Timer ■ Sleep Timer n«M^ra|: Automatically shuts off the TV after a preset period of time. (30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 minutes). ^ To cancel Sleep Timer, select Off, Setting the On / Off Timer ■ Timer 1 / Timer 2 / Timer 3: Three different on / off timer settings can be made. You must set the clock first, Timer 1 ▲ Inactivate 00 00 Off Time Inactivate 00 00 Repeat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Move U Adjust E Enter R Return On Time / Off Time: Set the hour, minute, and activate / inactivate. (To activate timer with the setting you've chosen, set to Activate.) Volume: Set the desired volume level, Source: Select TV or USB content to be played when the TV is turned on automatically. (USB can be selected only when a USB device is connected to the TV) Antenna (when the Source is set to TV): Select ATV or DTV. Channel (when the Source is set to TV): Select the desired channel. Contents (when the Source is set to USB): Select a folder in the USB device containing music or photo files to be played when the TV is turned on automatically, ^ NOTE • If there is no music file on the USB device or the folder containing a music file is not selected, the timer function does not operate correctly, • When there is only one photo file in the USB device, the Slide Show will not play, • If a folder name is too long, the folder cannot be selected. • Each USB you use is assigned its own folder. When using more than one of the same type of USB, make sure the folders assigned to each USB have different names. On Time Source Antenna Channel 10 TV Once ■ 20 English Repeat: Select Once, Everyday, Mon~Fri, Mon~Sat, Sat~Sun or Manual to set at you convenience. If you select Manual, you can set up the day you want to activate the timer. ^ The C mark indicates the day is selected. ^ Auto Power Off (available only when the TV is turned on by Timer): The TV will be automatically turned off after 3 hours of being left idle to prevent overheating. Locking Programme Security ^ The PIN input screen appears before the setup screen. ^ Enter your 4-digit PIN, the default of which is “0-0-0-0.” Change the PIN using the Change PIN option. ■ Child Lock (Off / On): Lock channels in Channel Manager, to prevent unauthorized users, such as children, from watching unsuitable programme. ^ Available only when the Input source is set to TV, ■ Parental Lock (depending on the country): Prevent unauthorized users, such as children, from watching unsuitable programme with a user-defined 4-digit PIN code. If the selected channel is locked, the “Q” symbol will be displayed. Allow All: Unlock All TV ratings. ■ Change PIN: Change your personal ID number required to set up the TV. ^ If you forget the PIN code, press the remote control buttons in the following sequence, which resets the PIN to “0-0-0-0.”: POWER (off) ^ MUTE ^ 8 ^ 2 ^ 4 ^ POWER (on). Other Features Subtitle Use this menu to set the Subtitle mode. ■ Subtitle (Off / On): Switches subtitles on or off. ■ Mode (Normal / Hearing Impaired): Sets the subtitle mode. ■ Subtitle Language: Sets the subtitle language. ^ If the programme you are watching does not support the Hearing Impaired function, Normal automatically activates even if the Hearing Impaired mode is selected. ^ English is the default in cases where the selected language is unavailable in the broadcast. Digital Text (Disable / Enable) (UK only) If the programme broadcasts with digital text, this feature is enabled. Auto Run Data Service (Off / On) Sets whether or not to automatically run data service. Auto Run Data Service automatically runs data service without user intervention. If any other secondary function is under way, Auto Run Data Service may not work. General ■ Game Mode (Off / On): When connecting to a game console such as PlayStation™ or Xbox™, you can enjoy a more realistic gaming experience by selecting game mode. Language ■ Menu Language: Set the menu language. ■ Teletext Language: Set a desired language for teletext. ^ English is the default in cases where the selected language is unavailable in the broadcast. ■ Preference (Primary Audio Language / Secondary Audio Language / Primary Subtitle Language / Secondary Subtitle Language / Primary Teletext Language / Secondary Teletext Language): Select a language, which will be the default language when a channel is selected. English 21 03 Basic Features Basic Features ^ NOTE • Precautions and limitations for game mode. - To disconnect the game console and connect another external d...

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