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Istruzioni per l'uso Philips, Modello 32PF4320/10

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Layout and items are defined by the cable company or the TV channel. Sorting TV channels & Select Sort in the Install menu and press the cursor right e Select the TV channel you want to move using the cursor up/down and press cursor right. “ Select the new number and validate with the cursor left. ‘ Repeat steps e and “ for each TV channel you wish to renumber. ( To exit the menus, press the MENU key repeatedly. TV Menu Picture Sound Features Install Mode Install Language . • Country . • Auto Store . • Manual Store . • Sort . • Name . • Start Install Language . • Country . • Auto Store . • Manual Store . • Sort . • Name . • GB Install Language . • Country . • Auto Store . • Manual Store . • Sort . • Name . • System Search Program No Fine Tune Store Manual store Searching for and storing TV channels is done channel by channel. You must go through every step of the Manual Installation menu. & Select Manual Store in the Install menu and press the cursor right to enter. e Select the TV system: Select the country or part of the world from where you want to receive the TV channel. If you are connected to a cable system, select your country or part of the world where you are now located. Note: for automatic detection select Europe (except for France). “ Search for a TV channel: Press the cursor down to select Search and press the cursor right to start searching. Direct selection of a TV channel: If you know the frequency, enter it directly with the digit keys 0 to 9. Ask for a list from your cable company or dealer, alternatively consult the Table of frequencies on the inside backcover of this handbook. ‘ Press the cursor down and enter the programme number with the digit keys. ( Fine tune: In case of poor reception, you can improve the reception by adjusting the frequency with the cursor left/right. § To store your TV channel, select Store and press the cursor right. Repeat steps “ to ( to store another TV channel. e To exit from the menu press the MENU key on the remote control. Using in PC monitor mode Your TV can be used as a computer monitor. You must first of all connect the computer and adjust the resolution (see p. 6). Note: When using the LCD TV as a PC monitor, slight diagonal interference lines may be obser ved when it is operated under electromagnetic interference environment but will not affect the performance of this product. For better performance, good quality VGA cable with good noise isolation filter is recommended. Choosing PC mode Press the PC key on the remote control to switch the TV to PC mode. Press the TV key to return to TV mode. If there is no PC signal for more than five seconds, the TV automatically goes into standby mode. Using the PC menus Press the MENU key to access the specific settings of the PC monitor mode. Use the cursor keys to adjust them (the settings are automatically saved). Picture Brightness Colour Contrast Sharpness Colour Temp. Store 39 Picture • Brightness/Contrast: to adjust the brightness and contrast. • Horizontal/Vertical Position: to adjust the horizontal and vertical placing of the image. • Colour Temperature: to adjust the colours (cool, normal or warm). PC Menu Picture Audio selection Features Reset to Factory Mode TV Features Phase Clock Format Auto Adjust 33 PC Menu Picture Audio selection Features Reset to Factory Mode Reset YES PC Menu Picture Audio selection Features Reset to Factory Mode • TV . • PC Audio selection To choose the sound reproduced on the TV (PC or TV). Features • Phase/Clock: eliminates the horizontal (Phase) and vertical (Clock) interfering lines. • Format: to choose between large screen (Full screen) or the original (Native) format of the PC screens. • Auto adjust: position is set automatically. Reset to Factory To return to the factory settings Mode To come back to TV mode. Teletext Teletext is an information system broadcast by certain channels which can be consulted like a newspaper. It also offers access to subtitles for viewers with hearing problems or who are not familiar with the transmission language (cable networks, satellite channels, etc.). b ¬ + - V + - P v i 0 VCR DVD TV SAT AMP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 † ® ® ®® q : X SMART SMART aM B OK SELECT h . O® TV PC MENUSURR ‡ . g Press: b Teletext On/Mix/Off You will obtain: This is used to call teletext, change to transparent mode and then exit. The summary appears with a list of items that can be accessed. Each item has a corresponding 3 digit page number. If the channel selected does not broadcast teletext, the indication 100 will be displayed and the screen will remain blank (in this case, exit teletext and select another channel). 0/9 Selecting -P+ a page Enter the number of the page required using the 0 to 9 or -P+ keys. Example: page 120, enter 1 2 0. The number is displayed top left, the counter turns and then the page is displayed. Repeat this operation to view another page. If the counter continues to search, this means that the page is not transmitted. Select another number. ...

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