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Istruzioni per l'uso Philips, Modello 29PT8640/12

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The television set has 4 or 5 keys which are located on the front or the top of the set depending on the model. The VOLUME - + (- ” +) keys are used to adjust sound levels.The PROGRAM - + (- P +) keys are used to select the required programmes. To access the menus, simultaneously hold down the ” - and ” + keys (or MENU key). The PROGRAM - + keys may then be used to select an adjustment and the -” + keys to make that adjustment. To exit from the menus, hold down the 2 ” and ” + keys (or MENU key). Note : when the Child Lock function is activated, these keys are unavailable (refer to Features menu on page 7). Remote control keys Standby To set the TV to standby mode. To switch the TV set on again, press b,P @# or 09. Select peripherals (p.10) Press several times to select the required EXT connector. List of programmes To display / clear the list of programmes. Use the <> cursor to select a programme and the . cursor to display it. The symbol + is displayed alongside all programmes which are locked (p.7). NEXTVIEW: refer to the separate booklet (only available on certain models). Cursor These 4 keys are used to move around the menus (<>..). Freeze the picture Mute To mute or restore the sound. Volume To adjust the sound level. Screen information To display / remove the programme number, the name (if it exists), the time, the sound mode and the time remaining on the timer. Hold down for 5 seconds to permanently display the programme number on the screen.The volume level and the smart control adjustments are then displayed each time they are used. Active Control (according to the version) Optimizes the quality of the picture according to the quality of reception. Dual screen (according to the version) To activate/disable the display on 2 screens. The second screen displays teletext. 2 5 8 0 OE 1 4 7 E [” MENU P E· . oe . ‡. OK 3 6 9 u SelectYY † . CONTROL - SMART ACTIVE . SMART K` VCR DVD SAT AMP CD Surround Sound To activate / deactivate the surround sound effect. In stereo, this gives the impression that the speakers are further apart. For models equipped with Virtual Dolby Surround*, you can experience Dolby Surround Pro Logic sound effects. Mode selector (p. 11) To activate the remote control in TV, VCR, DVD, SAT, AMP or CD mode. Teletext keys (p. 8), PIP (p.9) or VCR / DVD (p.11). Teletext (p. 8). Audio and video equipment key (p.11) Menu To call up or exit the menus. Programme selection To access the next or previous TV channel from the list of Favourite Programmes (see p. 5). Digit keys Direct access to the programmes. For a 2 digit programme, enter the 2nd digit before the dash disappears. Sound mode Used to force programmes in Stereo and Nicam Stereo to Mono or, for bilingual programmes, to choose between Dual I or Dual II. The Mono indication is red when in forced position. Sleeptimer To select the length of time before the set automatically switches to standby (from 0 to 240 minutes). Screen Format (p. 9). Smart picture and sound Used to access a series of predefined picture and sound settings. The personal position relates to settings selected from the menus. * Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby” and the double-D symbols are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Quick installation When you turn on the TV set for the first time, a menu is displayed on screen. This menu prompts you to select the country and language for the menus : Main • Install • Country • DK GB F DE SF ... English French Deutsch ... If the menu is not displayed, press and hold down the ”- and ”+ keys on the TV set for 5 seconds to display the menu. & Use the <> cursor on the remote control to select your country and validate with .. If your countr y does not appear in the list, select choice “. . .” e Next select your language using the <> cursor and validate with .. “ The search starts automatically. All the available TV programmes will be stored. This operation takes a few minutes. The display shows the progress of the search and the number of programs found. At the end of the search, the menu disappears. To exit or interrupt the search, press H. If no programme is found, consult the possible solutions p. 12. ‘ If the transmitter or cable network sends the automatic sort signal, the programs will be numbered correctly. In this case, the installation is complete. ( If this is not the case, you need to use the Sort menu to number the programs correctly. Some transmitters or cable networks broadcast their own sort parameters (region, language, etc.). In this case, indicate your choice using the <> cursor and validate with .. Program sort & Press key H.The Main menu is displayed on e With the cursor, select the Install menu the screen. followed by the Sort menu. Main • Install • Language • Country • Auto Store • Manuel Store • Sort • Program • Name • 00 01 BBC1 02 BBC2 03 . ANGLI 04 CH4 05 CH5 If required, you can give a name to the programmes and external connectors. Note : on installation, the programs are named ...

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