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Istruzioni per l'uso Elta, Modello T127

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• Never attempt to repair the appliance yourself. This could cause an electric shock. • Do not allow the cord to hang over sharp edges and keep it well away from hot objects and naked flames. Remove the plug from the socket only by holding the plug. • For extra protection it is possible to fit the electric household installation with a fault current breaker with a rated breaking current of not more than 30mA. Ask your electrician for advice. • Make sure that there is no danger that the cord or extension cord may inadvertently be pulled or cause anyone to trip when in use. • If an extension cord is used it must be suited to the power consumption of the appliance, 3 4 GB GBGB otherwise overheating • This appliance • Never leave the • Children cannot recognise Therefore never allow • Always remove the plug from is cleaned. • Danger! Nominal voltage is still present the mains socket. • Switch the appliance off before disconnecting from the mains. • Never use the cord to carry the appliance. SPECIAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Caution: Danger of burns! Bread can burn. Do not, therefore, use the toaster curtains or other combustible materials. • Do not place in the bread slot (8) any oversized baking foil or plastic foil, because of the risk of burning or electrical • Bring the toast lever in the up position, before pulling out the • Burning hazard: Parts of the unit become very hot during operation. Touch only the handles or buttons. • Let the unit cool down before removing or putting in any parts. • Do not try top remove the foodstuff from the unit while the unit is still in operation. • Do not use any accessories not supplied with this unit! • This unit is suitable only for toasting bread. Do not heat up any other food with • Do not ever put in bread with cheese or other spreads in the bread slot (8). BEFORE FIRST USE • Remove all packing material. • Heat the unit four to five times at the highest setting without bread, in order to burn off residues left during manufacturing process. Ensure proper ventilation while doing this (say, by opening the window). OPERATION • Place bread slices in the bread slot (8). Each bread slot (8) is designed for maximum of one bread slice per roasting operation. • Connect the main plug (1) to a suitable socket. • You can select the degree of browning by using the controller (4): ( 1 = light brown, 7 = well done). The stage 3 is recommended for the first use. • Push down the toast lever (7) fully, till it latches automatically. The check lamp (6) lights up and the roasting process begins. • The unit will switch off by itself, when the set browning level is reached. The toast lever (7) jumps up. The bread slices are fully toasted. • Caution: The bread slices and parts of the unit are very hot during and immediately after the toasting process. • You can change the degree of browning even during the toasting process, by using the controller (4). • Toasting of deep frozen bread: Place bread slices in the bread slot (8). Set the controller (4) at the desired degree of browning. Push the toast lever (7) down. Also press the key DEFROST (3). The LED next to this key lights up during the roasting process. The roasting process starts. • Heating up already toasted bread: Set the controller (4) at the desired degree of browning. Place bread slices in the bread slot (8). Push the toast lever (7) down. The roasting process starts. Also press the key REHEAT (2). The LED next to this key lights up during the roasting process. The roasting process starts. GB GBGB • Bun attachment Use the bun Caution! Never place buns • Fold up the roll attachment the toaster, above the toasting toast lever (7) downwards You can remove the buns attachment when the toast Caution! The bun attachment becomes CLEANING AND CARE • In addition to this, you must observe Safety Instructions. • First, let the unit cool down completely. • Clean the housing using a soft, wet cloth • Do not use scouring or aggressive cleaning TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Operating voltage : 230V~ 50Hz Power consumption: 850 Watt INSTRUCTIONS ON ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION Do not dispose of this product in the usual household garbage hand it over at a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic The symbol on the product, the instructions for use or the packing will methods for disposal. The materials are recyclable as mentioned in its marking. By recycling, material forms of re-utilization of old appliances, you are making an important contribution environment. Please inquire at the community administration for the authorized disposal location. GUARANTEE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE Before delivery our devices are subjected to rigorous quality control. If, despite all care, damage occurred during production or transportation, please return the device to your dealer. In addition to statutory legal rights, the purchaser has an option to claim under the terms of the following guarantee: For the purchased device we provide 2 years guarantee, commenci...

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