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Istruzioni per l'uso Ariston, Modello KT 8104 QO

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16 The top made of ceramic glass is resistant to sudden temperature changes and shocks. However, if it is struck with pointed utensils or objects such as cutting knives, it may crack or break. If this occurs, disconnect the appliance immediately from the power supply and contact an authorised service centre. 17 Keep in mind that the cooking area remains hot for at least a half an hour after the appliance has been turned off. Make sure that you do not inadvertently place containers or objects on the cooking area while it is still hot. 18 Do not turn the heating elements on if there are plastic objects or aluminium foil on the cooktop. 19 Do not get too close to the cooking areas when they are hot. 20 When using small electrical appliances near the cooktop, make sure that the supply chord does not come into contact with those parts of the appliances which are hot. 21 Make sure that the handles on pots and pans are turned inward to prevent bumping them accidentally. 22 Never leave a cooking element on unless cookware is placed on the element because the cookware will become very hot in a short period of time and this may damage the heating elements. 23 Instructions for using the appliance the first time. The glue used to seal the glass may leave grease residues. We recommend that these residues be removed with a non-abrasive cleaning product before the appliance is used. During the first few hours of use, you may detect the odour of rubber. However, this will disappear quickly. 8 Installation These instructions are intended for the qualified technician The four securing springs are held in place by 4 Torx installing the appliance in order to insure that the screws. installation, adjustments and maintenance procedures are To remove the hob unit from its housing, undo the 2 Torx performed correctly and comply with the regulations screws at the front, then the 2 Torx screws at the rear. currently in effect. The 4 screws should be accessible at all times for this Important: the cooktop must be disconnected from purpose. the power supply before making any adjustments or performing any maintenance, etc. Installing built-in cooktops The cooktops have a type X protection rating against overheating in compliance with regulation CEI 335-2-6. Therefore, the cooktops cannot be installed alongside of cabinets which are higher than the surface of the cooktop itself. The following precautionary measures should be observed in order to ensure proper installation: a) Hoods must be installed in compliance with the required specifications contained in the instruction manual for the hood itself. b) The built-in ceramic glass top can be installed on any counter top as long as it is 600 mm or more in width and resistant to temperatures of up to 100°C. The dimensions and the position of the hole are shown in fig.. FRONT RIGHT MOUNTING FRONT LEFT MOUNTING SEAL MOUNTING FRONT / REAR RIGHT / LEFT MOUSSE 5x8 mm HOB UNIT FACE DOWN REAR RIGHT MOUNTING WORK SURFACE REAR SPRING ASSEMBLY FRONT OF THE HOB UNIT 3040 REAR LEFT MOUNTING 560 +/- 1 490 +/- 1 48 595 510 10 Leave this much space between the bottom and the cabinetry c) If a wooden panel is installed beneath the cooktop for insulation purposes, it must be positioned at least 20 mm from the bottom part of the cooktop itself. Note: If the cooktop is installed above a built-in oven, it is preferable that the oven be installed in such a way that it is set on two strips of wood; if, on the other hand, the oven is installed on a continuous base, there must be an opening in the back of at least 45 x 560 mm. X (CEI 335-2-6) The aforementioned measurements must absolutely be observed in so far as improper installation can cause the surrounding surface areas to overheat. It is recommended that the cooktop be installed at a distance of at least 40 mm from the back wall or other vertical surfaces to ensure that the air circulates properly over the cooking area and to avoid overheating the surrounding surfaces. A seal or gasket is provided with the cooktop; make sure that it adheres properly to the bottom part of the frame of the cooktop. It is indispensable that the seal fits properly around the entire cooktop frame and especially along the 560 mm. 45 mm. The built-in oven must be equipped with a corners in order to create a seal between the counter top and the cooktop itself so as to prevent spills or splashes from leaking into the cabinet below. Very important It is essential to instali the hob on a totally flat surtace.Any damage caused by incorrect fitting may alter the characteristics or impair performance. Insert the cooktop into the hole, pressing firmly around the frame to make it adhere to the counter top. Make certain that the seal around the outside edge of the hob is correctly installed in order to avoid any leakage into the cabinetry below. forced air cooling system. 9 Technical specifications Electrical connection · The electrical safety ot this appliance is guaranteed only if the ap...

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