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I Attach the stand tubes to the frame so that the nuts and washers are on the upper side. The stand tube fitted with wheels should be at the front of the cycle. Fig. 2 Remove the green plastic plugs from the right-hand crank and pedal. Attach the pedal to the crank, tightening clockwise. Remove the red plastic plugs from the left-hand crank and pedal and attach the pedal to the crank, tightening counterclockwise. The pedals are also marked with the letters R (right) and L (left) on the pedal

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Follow the orders of a doctor or exercise professional to help set your exercise level. The best training to improve your general fitness is properly efficient, not too heavy and not too easy. It’s good to sweat while working out, but important still to be able to talk comfortably. This type of exercise is called aerobic or endurance exercise and your body produces the required energy by burning body fat with the aid of oxygen. This in turn leads to a reduction in fat tissue. Rest is as import