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Istruzioni per l'uso Sub-Zero, Modello Model SRT364G

Produttore : Sub-Zero
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The upper-tier burner delivers maximum heat transfer at higher settings; the lower-tier continuous flame ably handles the subtleties of simmering and melting. The Wolf exclusive infrared charbroiler and infrared griddle ensure this rangetop stands out from the rest in performance and also beauty. Specifications Surface Features Exterior Finish Classic Stainless Steel Model SRT366 SRT364C SRT364G Overall Dimensions Surface Burners - 15,000 Btu/hr 357/8" W x 81/2" H x 281/2" D with 950 Btu/hr delivered at simmer 5 3 3 Opening Dimensions Surface Burner-9,200 Btu/hr 36" W x 71/2" H x 24" D with 325 Btu/hr delivered at simmer 1 1 1 Electrical Requirements 110/120 VAC Infrared Charbroiler - 16,000 Btu/hr ■ 50/60 Hz, 15 amp dedicated circuit Infrared Griddle - 15,000 Btu/hr* ■ Power Cord 6' cord with grounded plug Shipping Weight (lbs) 190 200 220 'Infrared griddle is 13,000 Btu/hr for LP gas. Model numbers are for natural gas sealed burner rangetops, add (-LP) to the model number for LP gas. Product Notes The Wolf 36" sealed burner rangetop is available in natural and LP gas with your choice of top configurations. Model numbers indicate the rangetop features; (C) charbroiler and (G) griddle. Natural or LP gas must be specified when ordering the rangetop. Sealed burner rangetops are shipped with island trim installed. A riser is required for installations against a combustible surface. Red control knobs with platinum bezels are shipped with the rangetop, as well as porcelain-coated, cast iron, continuous top grates. Optional black knobs, bezels and grates are available as sales accessories. Accessories ■ Classic stainless steel risers in 5" and 10" heights, or 20" riser with shelf ■ Black control knobs—one set available at no cost ■ Chrome or brass bezels—platinum bezels included with rangetop ■ One-piece wok grate and single burner grate ■ Porcelain-coated cast iron two-burner S-grate ■ Hardwood cutting board (griddle models only) ■ High altitude conversion kit for natural and LP gas rangetops for installations over 8,000' Accessories are available through your Wolf dealer To obtain local dealer information, visit the locator section of our website, wolfappliance.com. This appliance is certified by Star-K to meet strict religious regulations in conjunction with specific instructions found on Dual-Stacked Sealed Burner...

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