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Istruzioni per l'uso Precisionaire, Modello HR 4320/30

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Francais Page 8 • Pour le mode d'emploi depliez les pages 3 et 46. Deutsch Seite 11 • Schlagen Sie beim Lesen der Gebrauchsanweisung Seiten 3 und 46 auf. Nederlands Pagina 14 • Sla bij het lezen van de gebruiksaanwijzing de pagina's 3 en 46 op. Italiano Pagina 17 • Prima di usare l'apparecchio, aprite la pagina 3 e la pagina 46 e leggete attentamente le istruzioni per l'uso. Espanol Pagina 20 • Desplegar la pagina 3 y la pagina 46 al leer las instrucciones de manejo. Portugues Pagina 23 • Durante a leitura do modo de emprego, desdobre e verifique a pag. 3 e pag. 46. Dansk Side 26 • Hold side 3 og side 46 opslaet mens De l.ser brugsanvisningen. Norsk Side 29 • Sla opp pa side 3 og side 46 for De leser videre. Svenska Sid 32 • Ha sidan 3 och sidan 46 utvikt nar ni laser bruksanvisningen. Suomi Sivu 35 • Pida sivut 3 ja 46 auki samalla kun luet kayttoohjetta. ........ ...... 38 • ... ... ...... ......, ..... ... ....... 3 ... 46. 8 Cleanairsystem G F H I D A 4 C J 5 1 2 6 7 Max. 10 cm 25 cm 32 cm 3 HR 4320 HR 4330 B K A A E 3 English To prevent respiratory problems, clean air in your home is a basic requirement. Your Philips Air Cleaner helps you to purify the air effectively by catching up to 99% of the airborne particles. This includes allergens such as house dust and pollen as well as viruses and bacteria. None of these particles are useful for the human body. Some of them are actually very harmful and may cause serious complaints and diseases. The particles vary in size from 0.1 to 100 micron (1 micron = 0.001 mm). Additional measures • In the urban environment: Keep the windows closed during the hours when there is heavy traffic or when factories etc. pollute the air. • Vacuum regularly. It is better to have hard floors instead of carpets. • Furry pets increase respiration problems, so it is best not to keep furry pets. • Apply special bedding to reduce dust production by matrasses and blankets. How does the Philips Air Cleaner work? The Air Cleaner takes air from near the floor where particles concentrations are greatest and after cleaning blows it towards the ceiling. To remove even the smallest particles from the air, the appliance employs a unique 3-stage Air Cleaner filter: . Pre-filter The Pre-filter catches the larger dust particles floating in the air, such as fluff and hairs. . Rota filter The rotating disc filter takes out the particles of 2 micron and more (e.g. pollen). On entering one of the channels of the filter a particle is centrifuged against the side of this channel. The air will pass through the channel but the particle remains stuck against the channel wall. This unique and patented filter ensures a long life for the Hepa filters. Moreover, their overall performance will remain virtually constant over the life of the filters. . Hepa filter The last filter is the Hepa filter. This filter takes out all the remaining smaller particles. The filter is made from glass fibres closely matted such that particles cannot pass through. Similar filters are used in most hospital operating rooms. Positioning • In general, it is advisable to place the Air Cleaner in a central position, with its rear side against the wall and standing on the floor (fig. 1 - 2). • The Air Cleaner can also be wall-mounted (fig. 3 - 4). Select a position similar to fig. 1. Do not mount it higher than 10 cm above the floor. • It is also possible to place more than one Air Cleaner in the same room. This is especially advisable if the room is very large and/or has an irregular shape. In such a case it is best to place the appliances as far apart as possible but against the same wall. • Never obstruct the air inlet or outlet openings (fig. 5). • When using heating appliances: place the Air Cleaner so that the air stream it generates coincides with the convection air stream produced by the heater. This means: Position the Air Cleaner near the radiator or other source of heating (fig. 6 - 7). • Especially for allergic users it is advisable to use an Air Cleaner in both the bedroom and the living room and to let these run continuously. Which size of Air Cleaner is suitable? To purify effectively the air in a domestic room or an area of a room, all the air must pass the Air Cleaner filters 2 - 3 times per hour. Depending on the air contents of the room or area concerned: • one Air Cleaner type HR 4320 should be used for rooms / areas up to approx. 30 m2 floor surface); • one Air Cleaner type HR 4330 should be used for rooms / areas up to approx. 50 m2 floor surface). 4 How to use Important • Read these instructions in conjunction with the illustrations before using the appliance. • Do not immerse the appliance in water or other liquids. • Do not use the appliance outdoors or in a humid environment. • Always disconnect the appliance from the wall socket before taking off parts and before cleaning. • The appliance can be cleaned with a damp cloth, if required with some detergent. • When disassembling: do not touch moving parts. Al...

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