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Istruzioni per l'uso Pioneer, Modello DEH-2500UI

Produttore : Pioneer
File Size : 4.61 mb
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Lingua di insegnamento: ruitenesfrdenl
Foto e specifiche   Pioneer  DEH-2500UI
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Russian text to be displayed on this unit should be encoded in one of the following character sets: ! Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16) ! A character set other than Unicode that is used in a Windows environment and is set to Russian in the multi-language setting This unit may not operate correctly depending on the application used to encode WMA files. There may be a slight delay at the start of playback of audio files embedded with image data or audio files stored on a USB storage device that has numerous folder hierarchies. Disc Playable folder hierarchy: up to eight tiers ( A practical hierarchy is less than two tiers. ) Playable folders: up to 99 Appendix Additional information Additional information 1 Create a file name that includes numbers Playable files: up to 999 iPod compatibility A Pioneer CD-IU51 interface cable is also avail- that specify the playback sequence (e.g. , able. For details, consult your dealer. File system: ISO 9660 Level 1 and 2, Romeo, Joliet This unit supports only the following iPod mod 001xxx.mp3 and 099yyy.mp3) . English els. Supported iPod software versions are shown About the file/format compatibility, refer to the 2 Put those files into a folder. Multi-session playback: Compatible Packet write data transfer: Not compatible below. Older versions may not be supported. iPod manuals. 3 Save the folder containing files on the USB Made for storage device. Audiobook, Podcast: Compatible ! iPod touch 4th generation (software version However, depending on the system environment, Regardless of the length of blank sections be 5.1.1) you may not be able to specify the playback se- tween the songs from the original recording, com ! pressed audio discs play with a short pause iPod touch 3rd generation (software version 5.1.1) CAUTION quence. For USB portable audio players, the sequence is between songs. ! iPod touch 2nd generation (software version Pioneer accepts no responsibility for data lost different and depends on the player. 4.2.1) on the iPod, even if that data is lost while this ! iPod touch 1st generation (software version unit is used. USB storage device 3.1.3) Russian character chart ! iPod classic 160GB (software version 2.0.4) Playable folder hierarchy: up to eight tiers ( A prac- Sequence of audio files D: CD: CD: CD: CD: C: А: Б: В: Г: Д: Е, Ё: Ж: З: И, Й: К: Л: М: Н: О: П: Р: С: Т: У: Ф: Х: Ц: Ч: Ш, Щ: Ъ: Ы: Ь: Э: Ю: Я ! iPod classic 120GB (software version 2.0.1) tical hierarchy is less than two tiers. ) Playable folders: up to 500 ! iPod classic (software version 1.1.2) The user cannot assign folder numbers and ! iPod with video (software version 1.3.0) specify playback sequences with this unit. ! iPod nano 6th generation (software version Playable files: up to 15 000 1.2) Example of a hierarchy 0102030405 Playback of copyright-protected files: Not compati- ! iPod nano 5th generation (software version ble 1.0.2) ! iPod nano 4th generation (software version Partitioned USB storage device: Only the first par 1.0.4) : Folder tition can be played. ! iPod nano 3rd generation (software version : Compressed There may be a slight delay when starting play1.1.3) back of audio files on a USB storage device with ! iPod nano 2nd generation (software version numerous folder hierarchies. 1.1.3) ! iPod nano 1st generation (software version audio file 01 to 05: Folder D: Display C: Character number 1 to 6: Playback CAUTION ! Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility with all USB mass storage devices and assumes no responsibility for any loss of data on media players, smart phones, or other devices while using this product. ! Do not leave discs or a USB storage device in any place that is subject to high temperatures. 1.3.1) ! iPhone 4S (software version 5.1.1) ! iPhone 4 (software version 5.1.1) ! iPhone 3GS (software version 5.1.1) ! iPhone 3G (software version 4.2.1) ! iPhone (software version 3.1.2) Depending on the generation or version of the iPod, some functions may not be available. Operations may vary depending on the software version of iPod. When using an iPod, an iPod Dock Connector to USB Cable is required. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 sequence Disc Folder selection sequence or other operation may differ depending on the encoding or writing software. USB storage device Playback sequence is the same as recorded sequence in the USB storage device. To specify the playback sequence, the following method is recommended. Copyright and trademark iTunes Apple and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc. , registered in the U.S. and other countries. MP3 Supply of this product only conveys a license for private, non-commercial use and does not convey a license nor imply any right to use this product in any commercial (i.e. revenue-generating) real time broadcasting (terrestrial, satellite, cable and/or any other media) , broadcasting/ En 17 Appendix Additional information Additional information 18 En streaming via internet, intranets and/or other networks or in other electronic content distribution...

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