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Istruzioni per l'uso Pioneer, Modello DEH-4000UB

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Foto e specifiche   Pioneer  DEH-4000UB
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Facilità d'uso

Power amp (sold separately) 25. Connect with RCA cables (sold separately) USB cable (DEH-50UB) Connect to sparately sold USB device. 20. Blue/white Connect to system control terminal of the power amp (max. 300 mA 12 V DC). 21. Blue/white (7*) Connect to auto-antenna relay control terminal (max. 300 mA 12 V DC). 22. Blue/white (6*) The pin position of the ISO connector will differ depends on the type of vehicle. Connect 6* and 7* when Pin 5 Is an antenna control type. In another type of vehicle, never connect 6* and 7*. 31. Perform these connections when using the optional amplifier. 23. Speaker leads 19. Yellow/black If you use an equipment with Mute function, wire this lead to the Audio Mute lead on that equipment. If not, keep the Audio Mute lead free of any connections. White: White/black: Gray: Gray/black: Green: Green/black: Violet: Vlolet/black: Front left © Front left © Front right © Front right © Rear left © or subwoofer © Rear left © or subwoofer © Rear right © or subwoofer © Rear right © or subwoofer © 32. Notes • Change the Initial setting of this unit (refer to the operation manual). The subwoofer output of this unit Is monaural. • When using a subwoofer of 70 W (2 Cl), be sure to connect with Violet and Vlolet/black leads of this unit. Do not connect anything with Green and Green/black leads. (Connecting the units ~) (^ English ^^Note • When this unit is installed in a vehicle without ACC (accessory) position on the ignition switch, red cable must be wired to the terminal that can detect the operation of the ignition key. Otherwise battery drain may result. ACC position No ACC position • Use this unit in other than the following conditions could result in fire or malfunction. — Vehicles with a 12-volt battery and negative grounding. —Speakers with 50 W (output value) and 4 ohm to 8 ohm (impedance value). • To prevent short-circuit, overheating or malfunction, be sure to follow the directions below. — Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery before installation. —Secure the wiring with cable clamps or adhesive tape. To protect the wiring, wrap adhesive tape around them where they lie against metal parts. — Place all cables away from moving parts, such as gear shift and seat rails. — Place all cables away from hot places, such as near the heater outlet. — Do not pass the yellow cable through a hole Into the engine compartment to connect to a battery. — Cover any disconnected cable connectors with nsuiating tape. — Do not shorten any cables. — Never cut the insulation of the power cable of this unit in order to share the power to other equipment. Current capacity of the cable is limited. — Use afuse of the rating prescribed. — Never wire the speaker negative cable directly to ground. — Never band together multiple speaker’s negative cables. • Control signal is output through blue/white cable when this unit is powered on. Connect it to an external power amp’s system remote control or ...

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