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Istruzioni per l'uso Pioneer, Modello DEH-P6900IB

Produttore : Pioneer
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Foto e specifiche   Pioneer  DEH-P6900IB
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Facilità d'uso

Current capacity of the cable is limited. — Use a fuse of the rating prescribed. — Never wire the speaker negative cable directly to ground. — Never band together multiple speaker’s negative cables. • Control signal is output through blue/white cable when this unit is powered on. Connect it to an external power amp’s system remote control or the vehicle’s auto-antenna relay control terminal (max. 300 mA, 12 V DC). If the vehicle is equipped with a glass antenna, connect it to the antenna booster power supply terminal. • Never connect blue/white cable to external power amp’s power terminal. Also, never connect it to the power terminal of the auto antenna. Otherwise, battery drain or malfunction may result. • IP-BUS connectors are color-coded. Be sure to connect connectors of the same color. • Black cable is ground. This cable and other product’s ground cable (especially, high-current products such as power amp) must be wired separately. Otherwise, fire or malfunction may result if they are accidentally detached. * Cord function may differ according to the product, even if cord color is the same. When connecting this system, be sure to check all manuals and connect cords correctly. ENGLISH Connection Diagram 1. iPod with Dock Connector 2. Dock connector 3. Dock connector port 4. Interface cable (e.g., CD-1200) (sold separately) 5. Gray 6. This product 7. Rear output 8. Front output 9. Antenna jack 10. Subwoofer output 11. Fuse (10 A) 12. AUX jack (3.5 0) Use a stereo mini plug cable to connect with auxiliary equipment. 13. Wired remote input Hard-wired remote control adaptor can be connected (sold separately). 14. IP-BUS input (Blue) 15. IP-BUS cable 16. Multi-CD player (sold separately) 17. Note: Depending on the kind of vehicle, the function of 3* and 5* may be different. In this case, be sure to connect 2* to 5* and 4* to 3*. 18. Connect leads of the same color to each other. 19. Cap (1*) Do not remove cap if this terminal is not in use. 20. Yellow (3*) Back-up (or accessory) 21. Yellow (2*) Connect to the constant 12 V supply terminal. 22. Red (5*) Accessory (or back-up) 23. Red (4*) Connect to terminal controlled by ignition switch (12 V DC). 24. Orange/white Connect to lighting switch terminal. 25. Black (chassis ground) Connect to a clean, paint-free metal location. 26. ISO connector Note: In some vehicles, the ISO connector may be divided into two. In this case, be sure to connect to both connectors. 27. Yellow/black If you use an equipment with Mute function, wire this lead to the Audio Mute lead on that equipment. If not, keep the Audio Mute lead free of any connections. 28. Blue/white Connect to system control terminal of the power amp (max. 300 mA 12 V DC). 29. Blue/white (7*) Connect to auto-antenna relay control terminal (max. 300 mA 12 V DC). 30. Blue/white (6*) The pin position of the ISO connector will differ depends on the type of vehicle. Connect 6* and 7* when Pin 5 is an antenna control type. In another type of vehicle, never connect 6* and 7*. 31. Speaker leads White: Front left © White/black: Front left © Gray: Front right © Gray/black: Front right © Green: Rear left © or subwoofer © Green/black: Rear left © or subwoofer © Violet: Rear right © or subwoofer © Violet/black: Rear right © or subwoofer © 32. Connect with RCA cables (sold separately) 33. Power amp (sold separately) 34. System remote control 35. Front Speaker 36. Left 37. Right 38. Rear Speaker 39. Subwoofer 40. Perform these connections when using the optional amplifier. 41. Notes: • Change the initial setting of this unit (refer to the Operation Manual). The subwoofer output of this unit is monaural. • When using a subwoofer of 70 W (2 £2), be sure to connect with Violet and Violet/black leads of this unit. Do not connect anything with Green and Green/black leads. Conexión de las unidades Nota: • Cuando se instale esta unidad en un vehículo sin la posición ACC (accesorio) en el interruptor de encendido, se debe conectar el cable rojo al terminal que puede detectar la operación de la llave de encendido. De lo contrario, la batería puede descargarse. Posición ACC Sin posición ACC • El uso de esta unidad en condiciones diferentes de las siguientes podría causar un fuego o fallo de funcionamiento. — Vehículos con una batería de 12 voltios y puesta a tierra negativa. — Altavoz con 50 W (valor de salida) y de 4 a 8 ohmios (valor de impedancia). • Para prevenir cortocircuitos, sobrecalentamiento o fallo de funcionamiento, asegúrese de seguir las instrucciones a continuación. — Desenchufe el terminal negativo de la batería antes de la instalación. — Fije el cableado con abrazaderas de cable o con cinta adhesiva. Para proteger el cableado, envuélvalo con cinta adhesiva donde el cableado se apoya sobre piezas metálicas. — Posicione todos los cables alejados de las piezas móviles, como el cambio de marchas y rieles de los asientos. — Posicione todos l...

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