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Istruzioni per l'uso Vector, Modello VEC415

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The Slim Power Inverter converts power in two stages. The first stage is a DC-to-DC conversion process that raises the low voltage DC at the inverter input to 145 volts 2 DC. The second stage the high voltage DC into 115 volts, 60 Hz AC. The DC-to-DC converter stage uses creative, high zero voltage switching power conversion techniques found in less technologically advanced models.stage uses advanced power transistors in a full bridge configuration. Slim Power Inverter Output Waveform The AC output waveform of this inverter is known as a modified sine wave. It stepped waveform that has characteristics similar to the sine power. This type of waveform is suitable for most AC loads, including linear switching power supplies used in electronic equipment, and small motors. The modified sine wave produced by this inverter has an RMS (root mean square) voltage of 115 volts. Most AC voltmeters (both digital the average value of the waveform rather than the RMS value. They are calibrated for RMS voltage under the assumption that the waveform measured will be a pure sine wave. These meters will not correctly read the RMS voltage wave. Non-TRUE RMS meters will read about 20 to 30 volts low output of this inverter. For accurate measurement of the output voltage of this unit, use a TRUE RMS reading voltmeter such as a Fluke 87, Fluke 8080A, Beckman Triplett 4200. 115 volt AC Output CAUTION Rechargeable Devices • Certain rechargeable devices are designed to be charged by plugging them directly into an AC receptacle. These devices may damage the inverter or the charging circuit. • When using a rechargeable device, monitor its temperature for the initial ten minutes of use to determine if it produces excessive heat. • If excessive heat is produced, this indicates the device should not be used with this inverter. • This problem does not occur with most of the battery-operated equipment. Most of these devices use a separate charger or transformer that is plugged into an AC receptacle. MAXX SST ® Soft Start Technology ® Vector’s Soft Start Technology gradually “ramps up” the inverters power to slowly start appliances that require a surge to get started. This gradual ramp up protects the inverter and the appliance, as well as the power source, from damage and failure. 3 VEC415_4/18/06 12:21 PM Page 4 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Once properly connected power to the unit. The bi-color is connected to DC power and the power pushbuton lights red, refer to the “Troubleshooting” section on page ALWAYS TURN THE INVERTER ON BEFORE THE CONNECTED The standard North American 115 volt AC and USB outlets multiple devices simultaneously. Simply plug the equipment into the unit normally. Note: Ensure wattage of all equipment simultaneously plugged into the VEC415 does not exceed 100 watts continuous. Rated Versus Actual Current Draw of Equipment Most electrical tools, appliances, electronic devices and labels that indicate the power consumption in amps or watts. consumption of the item to be operated is below 100 watts. If is rated in amps AC, simply multiply by the AC volts (115) to determine the power. Resistive loads are the easiest for the inverter to run; however, it will not run larger resistive loads (such as electric stoves and heaters), which require far than the inverter can deliver. Inductive loads (such as TVs and stereos) require more current to operate than do resistive loads of the same wattage rating. For safety reasons, the unit will simply shut down if it is overloaded. To restart the unit, simply remove the load and press the ON/OFF pushbutton to reset. Operation of the 115 Volt AC Outlet 1. Connect the Power Cord to the inverter. 2. Connect either the 12 Volt DC Vehicle Accessory Adapter or the 12 Volt DC Airplane Adapter to the end of the 12 Volt Power Cord. 3. Insert the selected adapter Plug into a vehicle’s (or other 12 volt DC power source’s) DC accessory outlet or airplane DC power outlet. 4. Rotate the vehicle accessory plug slightly to make sure there is good contact. 5. Push the ON/OFF Pushbutton to turn the Inverter ON. 6. The LED in the ON/OFF Pushbutton will light blue, indicating a proper connection. 7. If the Inverter does not work, make sure the ignition/accessory switch is actually powering the accessory outlet. Some vehicles require the ignition switch to be turned on. 8. Plug the (110/120 volt AC) appliance into the Inverter’s three-prong AC outlet and operate normally. Note: The Inverter will not operate appliances and equipment that generate heat, such as hair dryers, electric blankets, microwave ovens and toasters. Operation of the USB Power Port 1. Connect the Power Cord to the inverter. 2. Connect either the 12 Volt DC Vehicle Accessory Adapter or the 12 Volt DC Airplane Adapter to the end of the 12 Volt Power Cord. 3. Insert the selected adapter Plug into a vehicle’s (or jump-starter’s) DC accessory outlet or airplane DC power outlet. 4 4. Rotate the plug slightly 5. Push the ON/OFF pushbutton the unit ...

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