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Istruzioni per l'uso Xtant, Modello A2002

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The concept is simple – a more carefully engineered amplifier will produce superior sound. That is our passion – to exceed your expectation of the automotive llistening experience. We are driven by it. To accomplish this lofty goal, it takes the finest engineering talent in the business, combined with a dedication to superior materials. And we add in a multitude of features, unique cosmetics, and creative system integration. Xtant products are only available through the finest, most highly-specialized mobile audio retailers. Your Xtant Select Dealer was chosen because of their passion for excellence and their commitment to expanding their expertise. Please remember, exceptional audio requires professional installation. Your Xtant Dealer will optimize your system and your level of satisfaction. Whether you are deeply involved in autosound competition, or a privately passionate connoisseur of fine music, we salute you, and appreciate your investment in quality mobile audio. We look forward to a long and lasting relationship! Welcome to Xtant! Technical Services Our customer’s satisfaction is our purpose. You represent our present and our future. It is our goal to create and nurture relationships based upon trust and respect. This commitment is not taken lightly or just for today; it is our way of doing business. We believe there is no other way. Xtant’s policies and procedures are designed, in the event of a problem, to minimize the amount of your “down-time” and inconvenience. It is our commitment to service and return such product in no more than two (2) working days from the time Xtant receives the equipment. Please consider weekends or holidays (which may fall within the time period) when estimating the return date of serviced product. For technical assistance and information regarding products and/or installation, please contact Xtant’s Customer Relations Department Monday thru Friday at: Phone: (888) 449-8268 Fax: (602) 431 8600 English Safeguards Please take the time to read this Owners Manual. The following guidelines are designed to assure a safe and properly installed Xtant Mobile Audio System. All Xtant amplifiers and accessories are intended to be installed by a certified professional mobile audio installation specialist. It is the recommendation of Xtant Technologies that your new Xtant product(s) and all of your mobile audio products be installed by your Authorized Xtant Select Dealer. Wiring Requirements All Xtant A-Series amplifiers have minimum wire gauge requirements for: Power - 4 gauge Ground - 4 gauge Speaker cables - 12 gauge. Fusing Requirements A Series Amplifiers are not fuse protected! For safety, an outboard fuse may be added close to the amplifier. A fuse must be installed in-line with the power wire at the battery, no further than 18” from battery. For fuse requirements refer to pages 5 and 6 of this manual. In the case of a muti-amp system, use a fuse value equal to the combined value of all (system amplifier’s) on-board power fuses. Water and Moisture Install all Xtant amplifiers and accessories in a location free of moisture or exposure to water. 32 English Standard Features Active Resonance Control Active Resonance Control (ARC). This patent pending circuitry compensates for the resonance created when installing midbass or midrange speakers in the kick panels or lower door areas of a vehicle. Fully Regulated PWM Power Supply All Xtant “A” Series amplifiers feature a Fully Regulated, Pulse Width Modulated power supply. This supply technology provides high efficiency and consistent output performance even when battery voltage is less than optimum. Crossover A 12dB High Pass or 24dB Mono Low Pass Crossover is variable from 40-120Hz, and is built into the circuit board of the A2002 and A4004 amplifiers. Balanced/Floating Input When enabled, this circuitry helps to eliminate “system noise” associated with “ground loops”. When combined with the input sensitivity adjustment, it allows the amp to accept up to 17V of input signal. Balanced must be used for BTL inputs using the HLA. Protection Circuitry Both Thermal and Overcurrent protection are incorporated into the “A” Series Amplifiers. In the event of a problem, the amplifier will reduce its power to maintain operation. Status LEDs (Located on the top of the amplifiler) Three LEDs, indicate operational status of all Xtant A Series amplifiers. The red LED illuminates when the amplifier is “ON”, the yellow LED indicates that overcurrent protection is engaged, the orange LED indicates that the thermal protection circuit is engaged. Optional Performance Upgrades High Level Adapter (HLA) This adapter allows you to connect a source unit with speaker level outputs to your Xtant amplifier. English Xtant A2002 Specifications Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/– 1 dB Number of Channels: 2 Watts per Channel @ 4.: 2 x 50 Watts per Channel @ 2.: 2 x 100 Bridged Mono @ 4.: 1 x 200 Recommended Load: .2. Stereo / .4. Bridged Distortion (THD): ....

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