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Istruzioni per l'uso Bosch, Modello TWK86.

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Milk and instant beverages will burn and damage the appliance. Never operate the kettle 1 without water and do not overfill it; observe the min and max markings. If the kettle is too full, the water will boil over! TWK86. 04/2010 6 de Before using for the first time • Remove any stickers or film. • Unroll the right amount of cable from the cable tidy 10 and plug it in. • Fill the kettle 1 with water. Bring the water to a boil and discard it. Repeat the procedure. This will make sure that the kettle is clean for normal use. • When the water comes to a boil for the first time, add a tablespoon of white vinegar. Boiling water • Fill the kettle with fresh water through the spout or the open lid 2 (press lid release button 3). • Check the amount by reading the water level indicator markings (min and max). • Close the lid 2 until it locks and place the kettle 1 on the base 9. • Press the ® ON/OFF switch 4. The kettle emits a signal, and the factory-set temperature (100°C) lights up. The water is being heated. • By pressing button 6 + or - you can set the temperature to ca. 70°C, ca. 80°C, ca. 90°C or ca. 100°C. • When the water has reached the selected temperature, the kettle will switch off automatically, the temperature indicator 5 goes off, and a signal sounds. Note: The selected temperature can be changed at any time while the kettle is heating up. While the kettle heats up, the current temperature lights up; the preset temperature flashes until it has been reached. You can turn off the kettle at any time by pressing the ® ON/OFF switch 4 again. Warning: If you remove the kettle 1 from the base and replace it before the heating process is over, the kettle will not continue to heat the water. The selected settings will be lost (reset to factory setting). N.B.: Use the kettle only while the lid 2 is closed and the limescale filter 8 is in place. For physical reasons, the base 9 may collect some condensation water. This is normal; it does not mean that the kettle 1 leaks. When you set the temperature to 100°C, the kettle will turn off only after the water has reached the boiling point, i.e. it will bubble for a short period of time. After boiling, let the kettle cool down for 5 minutes before refilling it with water. Do not turn on the appliance if the kettle 1 is empty, otherwise the overheat control will engage and the appliance will switch itself off automatically. Keep warm setting You can turn on the keep warm with any temperature setting. Press button 7. keep warm lights up, and the function is activated. To turn it off, press button 7 again. The keep warm indicator goes off. Note: The keep warm feature switches off automatically after 30 minutes. The kettle emits a signal. If the temperature cannot be set, this indicates that the water in the kettle is hotter than the desired temperature. The current temperature will light up. Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH L Cleaning and maintenance /A Risk of electric shock Never immerse the device in water or place it in the dishwasher! Do not steam-clean the appliance. • Before cleaning, unplug the appliance from the power outlet. • Clean the outside of the kettle 1 and base 9 with a damp cloth. Do not use strong or abrasive cleaning agents. • Remove the limescale filter 8, soak it in a little vinegar, then rinse clean with clear water. • Rinse the kettle 1 and the limescale filter 8 with clear water. Tip: Clean the stainless steel surface with a commercial stainless steel care product. Descaling Regular descaling - makes your kettle last longer; - ensures proper function; - saves energy. Descale the kettle 1 with vinegar or a commercial descaling agent. • Fill the kettle 1 with water up to the 1.5 mark and bring to a boil. Next, add a small amount of white vinegar and let it sit for several hours. You can also use a commercial descaling product and follow the manufacturer's instructions. • Rinse the kettle 1 and the limescale filter 8 with clear water. Warning: Never use hard objects to remove limescale residue as this will damage the seal. Tip: If you use the kettle daily, descale more frequently. Troubleshooting The kettle does not heat up; the temperature indicator 5 does not light up. ÆThe overheat control has tripped. • Let the kettle 1 cool down for some time so that the appliance can be switched on again. The unit turns off before the water comes to a boil. Æ The kettle contains too much scale. • Descale the kettle as per the instructions. Disposal A This appliance is labelled in accordance with the European Directive 2002/96/EG relating to waste electrical and electronic equipment - WEEE. The directive provides the framework for the EU-wide take-back and disposal of end-of-life appliances. Please ask your specialist retailer about current disposal facilities. Guarantee The guarantee conditions for this appliance are as defined by our representative in the country in which it is sold. Details regardi...

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