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Istruzioni per l'uso Yamaha, Modello YHT-196

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You need six cables. 2 Remove about 10 mm (3/8") of insulation from the end of each speaker cable. 3 Twist the bare wires tightly so the individual strands are not splayed. 10 mm (3/8") Good No Good Notes • Make the speaker cables as short as possible. Do not bundle or roll up excess cable. • Be careful not to injure yourself while preparing the speaker cables. ■ Operating the speaker terminals Negative (-) Positive (+) Note: Make sure the terminal is gripping the bare wire, not the insulation. 1 Press and hold the terminal tab. 2 Insert the bare wire. 3 Release the tab so that it closes securely on the bare wire, not the insulation. 4 Test the security of the connection by pulling gently on the cable. Notes • Make sure the bare wires do not touch each other, as this could damage the speaker or the amplifier. • If the connections are faulty, you will hear no sound from the speakers. 2 3 En ■ Connecting the speakers and subwoofer Connecting the power cables Connect each speaker and a subwoofer to the appropriate speaker terminals on your amplifier by using the cables you prepared earlier. See the “Connection diagram” on page 3 for reference. Make sure you connect the speakers and subwoofer with the correct polarity—positive (+) terminals to positive (+) terminals, and negative (-) terminals to negative (-) terminals. If you get them crossed over, the sound will be unnatural and lack bass. Once you’ve completed all of the speaker and subwoofer connections, plug the amplifier, and your other AV components into suitable AC wall outlets. In your AV receiver’s speaker size settings, specify small (or “S”) for all of the speakers and subwoofer. Troubleshooting If this product doesn’t work as expected, look for a possible cause below. If the issue you are experiencing is not listed, or you cannot resolve it after reading through these instructions, disconnect the power cable and contact an authorized Yamaha dealer or service center. Issue Possible cause Remedy There's no sound. The speaker cables are not connected properly. Make sure the speaker cables are connected properly. The VOLUME control is set to 0. Turn up the VOLUME control. The sound is very quiet. The speaker cables are not connected properly. Make sure the speaker cables are connected properly: L (left) to L, R (right) to R, “+” to “+” and “-” to “-”. The subwoofer is too quiet. The source material doesn’t contain much bass. Try playing source material that contains more bass. Bass sounds are being cancelled out by standing waves. Reposition the subwoofer, or break up parallel wall surfaces by placing bookshelves or other large objects along the wall. Specifications ■ Front, surround speakers (NS-B20) and center speaker (NS-C20) Type...........................................Full range acoustic suspension non magnetic shielding type Driver...................................................7 cm (2-3/4") cone type Nominal input power.....................

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