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Istruzioni per l'uso Hotpoint-Ariston, Modello F 627 C.1 /HA

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If these stains are difficult to remove, use only specialised products. After cleaning, rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not use abrasive powders or corrosive substances. • Ideally, the inside of the oven should be cleaned after each use, when it is still lukewarm. Use hot water and detergent, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive products. • All accessories - with the exception of the sliding racks - can be washed like everyday crockery, and are even dishwasher safe. • Never use steam cleaners or pressure cleaners on the appliance. Cleaning the oven door Clean the glass part of the oven door using a sponge and a non-abrasive cleaning product, then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do not use rough abrasive material or sharp metal scrapers as these could scratch the surface and cause the glass to crack. To clean more thoroughly, you can remove the oven door. 1. Open the oven door fully (see diagram). 2. Lift up and turn the small levers located on the two hinges (see diagram). 3. Grip the door on the two external sides and close it approximately half way. Unlock the door by pressing on the clamps F, then pull the door towards you lifting it out of its seat (see diagram). To replace the door, reverse this sequence. Inspecting the seals Check the door seals around the oven periodically. If the seals are damaged, please contact your nearest After-sales Service Centre (see Assistance). We recommend not using the oven until the seals have been replaced. Replacing the light bulb To replace the oven light bulb: 1. Remove the glass cover of the lamp-holder. 2. Remove the light bulb and replace it with a similar one: Wattage 25 W, cap E 14. 3. Replace the glass cover (see diagram). Sliding Rack Kit assembly To assemble the sliding racks: 1. Loosen the two screws A (see diagram). If the oven is fitted with self-cleaning panels, these will have to be temporarily disassembled. 2. Replace the screws A with the screws and spacers (B + C) supplied with the kit. 3. Tighten the new screws B and the corresponding spacers C, fitting the self-cleaning panels on again. 4. Secure the two joints D of the guide rail in the holes provided on the oven walls (see diagram). The holes for the left guide rail are situated at the top, while the holes for the right one are at the bottom. 5. Finally, fit the guide rail on the spacer C. 6. Do not place the sliding racks in position 5. 21 Mode d’emploi FOUR Sommaire IT GB Italiano, 1 English,12 Français, 22 ES PT RS Español, 32 Portuges, 42 PyccKitá, 52 KZ FZ 61.1 /HA FZ 61.1 IX /HA FZ 612.2 /HA FZ 612.1 IX /HA FZ 65.1 /HA FZ 65.1 IX /HA F 60.1 /HA F 60.1 IX /HA FQ 61.1 /HA FQ 61.1 IX /HA FZ 62 C.1 /HA FZ 62 C.1 IX /HA FZ 65 C.1 /HA FZ 65 C.1 IX /HA FD 61.1 /HA XF 695.1/HA FZ 612 C.1 IX /HA FZ 612 C.1 /HA F 627 C.1 IX /HA F 627 C.1 /HA FZ 657 C.1 IX /HA FZ 657 C.1 /HA Installation, 23-24 Positionnement Raccordement électrique Plaquette signalétique Description de l’appareil, 25 ...

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