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Istruzioni per l'uso Epson, Modello X-PRF 1000

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If a document stops partway through the feeder, press STOP to remove it. Do not open the paper cover without removing the document first. TELEPHONE INFORMATION This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC Rules. On the rear panel of this equipment is a label that contains, among other information, the FCC Registration number and Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for this equipment. You must, upon request, provide this information to your telephone company. Ask your telephone company or installer to install the jack suitable for your device if such is not available. The REN is useful to determine the quantity of devices you may connect to your telephone line and still have those devices ring when your telephone number is called. In most, but not all, areas, the sum of the RENs of all devices connected to one line should not exceed five (5.0). To be certain of the number of devices you may connect to your line, as determined by the REN, you should contact your local telephone company to determine the maximum REN for your calling area. If your telephone equipment causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company may discontinue your service temporarily. If possible, they will notify you in advance. But if advance notice isn’t practical, you will be notified as soon as possible. You will be informed of your right to file a complaint with the FCC. Your telephone company may make changes in its facilities, equipment, operations, or procedures that could affect the proper functioning of your equipment. If they do, you will be notified in advance to give you an opportunity to maintain uninterrupted telephone service. If you experience trouble with this telephone equipment, please contact the manufacturer’s authorized service agency for information on obtaining service or repair. The telephone company may ask that you disconnect this equipment from the network until the problem has bean corrected or unit you are sure that the equipment is not malfunctioning. WARNING For protection against the risk of electrical shock, always disconnect all cables from the wall outlet before servicing, modifying, or installing the equipment. This equipment may not be used on coin service provided by the telephone company nor connected to party lines. Hearing Aid Compatibility The telephone with this equipment is hearing aid compatible. When Programing Emergency Numbers and/or Making Test Calls to Emergency Numbers: 1. Remain on the line and briefly explain to the dispatcher the reason for the call before hanging up. Call only in the off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evenings. EPSON AMERICA, INC. LIMITED WARRANTY What is Covered: Epson America. Inc. (“Epson”) warrants that the Epson productenclosed with this Limited Warranty statement and purchased and used in the United States will conform to the manufacturer’s specifications and be free from defectsin workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. What We Will Do To Correct problems: Should your EPSON product prove defective during this period, please bring the product securely packaged in its original container or an equivalent, along with proof of the date of original purchase, to your EpsonDealer or Epson Customer Care Center. Epson will. at its option, repair or replaceon an exchange basis the defective unit, without charge for parts or labor. Mat This Warranty Does Not Cover: This warranty covers only normal consumer use in the United States. Epson is not responsible for warranty service should the EPSON label or logo or the rating label or serial number be removed or should theproduct fail to be property maintained or fail to function properly as a result of misuse, abuse, improper installation, neglect improper shipping, damage caused by disasters such as fire, flood, and lightning, improper electrical current, service other than byan Epson Authorized Servicer, or conditions outside the control of Epson such as common carrier equipment and/or facilities. Postage, insurance, or shipping costsincurred in presenting your Epson product for warranty service are your responsibility. THE WARRANTY AND REMEDY PROVIDED ABOVE ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTlES AND UNLESS STATED HEREIN, ANY STATEMENTS OR REPRESENTATIONS MADE BY ANY OTHER PERSON OR FIRM ARE VOID. ME DURATION OF ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ON YOUR EPSON PRODUCT SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE DURATlON OF THE EXPRESS WARRANTY SET FORTH ABOVE. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED IN THIS WRITTEN WARRANTY, NEITHER EPSON AMERICA, INC. NOR ITS AFFILIATES SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS, INCONVENIENCE, OR DAMAGE, INCLUDING DIRECT, SPECIAL. INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, RESULTING FROM THE USE OR INABILITY TO USE THE EPSON PRODUCT, WHETHER RESULTING FROM BREACH OF WARRANTY OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts andsome states do not allow the exclusion or ...

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