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Istruzioni per l'uso EarthStone, Modello woofire oven

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Table of contents Instructions for moving and lifting oven Parts listInstallation procedures written portion Required clearances and air gaps Exhausting Operating instructions Maintenance instructions Type I Exhaust Hood Diagram Clearance Information Combustion air intake installation Page 1 2-5 6 4-10 11-12 12-13 14 15 16-17 INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIFTING AND MOVING OVEN ATTENTION: Only proper heavy lifting machinery and handling equipment should be used for unloading, moving and installing the oven. This duty should be performed by professionals trained in this kind of work. Improper handling of the equipment could result in damaging the oven or personal injury. 1-USING A FORKLIFT Determine if forklift capacity is sufficient to lift oven. (6000 lb for models 90 and 110, and 8000 lb for models 130 and 160) Prior to lifting, make sure forks are long enough to reach both horizontal steel tubes on underside of oven (Without touching oven shell). Approach oven from front entrance side or rear side. Keep forklift straight. Carefully place forks through inside of tube steel supports legs and position under horizontal tube steel members. Slowly lift and move oven as needed. (See dia. A) 2-USING A PALLET JACK Determine if pallet jack capacity is sufficient to lift oven. (4500 lb for models 90, 110, 130 and 6000 lb for model 160) Prior to lifting, make sure pallet jack is long enough to reach both horizontal angles at lower end of steel tube support legs. Place pallet jack between tube steel support legs under horizontal angles. (See dia. B) Carefully lift oven and move slowly. CAUTION: OVEN IS TOP HEAVY MOVE WITH CARE. 3-INSTALLING OVEN Slowly lower oven into proper location. Oven should be set on a level floor. Shim as necessary to assure that oven is level. Remove horizontal front angle when oven is in place. Insert ramset red heads, min. of 3 inches in length, through base plates. (See fig 17-A pg. 7 in installation instructions) DIA. A DIA. B EARTHSTONE OVENS PRE-ASSEMBLED INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS---U.L. LISTED LIST OF SUPPLIED ITEMS OVEN ADDITIONAL ITEMS .. METAL DOOR .. DIGITAL THERMOMETER (REQUIRES 120V AC OUTLET) 120 V AC, 60 HZ, 1 AMP POWER SUPPLY (SUPPLIED) .. TRAINING VIDEO EARTHSTONE OVENS PRE-ASSEMBLED INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS---U.L. LISTED PRE-ASSEMBLED INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION GUIDE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING AND USING THE APPLIANCE. If this oven is not properly installed, a fire may result. To reduce the risk of fire, follow the installation instructions. Please read this entire manual before you install the oven. Failure to follow instructions may result in property damage, bodily injury, or even death. The installer should contact the local building or fire officials concerning any installation restrictions and the need for inspection(s) of the oven and venting applications before beginning installation. Obtain the necessary permit to construct. In most areas this will include a permit to construct the oven and a permit for the exhaust system. Sometimes an electrical permit is also necessary for connecting the exhaust fan. All construction must comply with local building codes. There are some portions of these instructions which are more restrictive than the building codes. Whichever is most restrictive must be followed. The diagram below indicates the minimum floor space required. (ALL DIMENSIONS ARE TO OUTSIDE FACE OF STEEL ENCLOSURE) OUTSIDE DIAMETER DIMENSIONS MODEL 60 33” W X 32” D -MODEL 90 50" -MODEL 110 58" MODEL 130 70" -MODEL 160 86" IMPORTANT REMINDER After reading this installation guide it is important to determine which venting application method will be used. Most cities accept the U.L. listed chimney installation (direct venting) however a few cities will require the use of a Type I grease hood over the oven opening. Check with your local building department to determine which is acceptable. To maintain the U.L. listing of the oven the venting application needs to be installed in accordance with the guidelines specified in this installation instruction guide. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS EARTHSTONE OVENS PRE-ASSEMBLED INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS---U.L. LISTED INSTALLATION. OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE PREFACE Refer to pages 9, 10 and 11 for complete instructions. 1) On daily basis, and after the oven temperature is at least 500 at F: (a) Ashes are to be removed by a metal ash scoop/shovel or by a suitable fire-safe vacuum cleaner with long metal wand extensions provided by the user.; (b) the oven interior is then to be mopped down with a clean, damp cloth. 2) Direct food contact with hearth is restricted to pizzas and bread products only. Refer to manufacture for other foods. 3) The manual recommends the use of untreated wood only, no more than four pieces at a time. 4) “Burn-in” conditioning instructions are provided on page 30 and are to be followed prior to initial use unless “burn-in” is conducted by the manufacturer. 5) Field applied enclosures, paint, brickwork, pan...

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