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Take out all the parts and compare them to the diagrams below. Be sure you have all the parts and can identify them. • A helping hand is always good. Assemble your mantel with an adult assistant if possible. Some pieces are heavy and will need to be held by a helper. Assembly time will take approximately 30-60 minutes. INSIDE OUTSIDE VIEW VIEW TOP 1PC ZZ.257OK.09 BASE 1PC LEFT SIDE PANEL RIGHTSIDE ZZ.257OK.01 1PC LEFT FRONT RIGHT FRONT PANEL 1PC ZZ.257OK.02 PANEL 1PC PANEL 1PC ZZ.257OK.03 ZZ.257OK.04 ZZ.257OK.05 UPPER FACING PANEL 1PC ZZ.257OK.06 LOWER FACING PANEL 1PC ZZ.257OK.07 FIREBOX SHELF 1PC ZZ.257OK.08 WINGNUT AND LOCK WASHER ANTI-TIP DEVICE 2 SETS 2PCS 2PCS 4PCS 4PCS21PCS 21PCS 4PCS 1 GET READY TO START Before assembly, use scissors to unwrap the parts from the packaging. DO NOT use a box cutter or exacto-knife as you may cut into the mantel pieces inside the box and damage the finish. Check for the hardware bag which is RED and located inside the packaging, taped to the top box. Be sure you DO NOT discard any pieces. Step 1 Locate the base and place it on the floor. DO NOT put it up against the wall at this point in the assembly, as you need to get in behind the mantel to insert several wingnuts, lock washers and firebox screws. Step 2 Locate the left side panel and the left front panel. Facing the front of the base, take the left side panel, positioning it so the holes in the blocks on the bottom line up with the holes on the base. Position the left front panel next to the left side panel, lining up the holes in the blocks with the holes on the base. Attach the left front and side panel to the base by inserting and tightening 1 wingnut and 1 lock washer to each piece. Attach the left side and front panels together by inserting and tightening 3 wingnuts and 3 lock washers. Step 3 Repeat Step 2, but with the right side panel and the right front panel. 2 Step 4 Locate the lower facing panel and the firebox shelf. Attach the lower facing panel by placing the finished oak side to the front then line up the holes on each side and insert 1 wingnut and 1 lock washer into each. Place the firebox shelf in behind, right up against the lower facing panel. Step 5 Locate the finished oak upper facing panel that will be attached to the left and right legs and will sit above the firebox. Position this panel with the finished oak side facing the front of the mantel. Line up the holes on each side, insert and tighten 1 wingnut and 1 lock washer on each side. Step 6 Get your assistant and locate the top of your mantel. This top is very heavy. It will take 2 people to lift and position it in place. Ensure the top goes over the positioning guide located on the header. The top must go over this guide to be positioned correctly. Line up the holes on the front and sides. Insert and tighten the wingnuts and lock washers. 3 Step 7 Take your electric firebox out of its packaging and position it between the 2 legs of the mantel. Once you are close to the wall, plug the firebox into the nearest outlet. The firebox comes with 3 metal brackets and 20 black screws. These metal brackets must be attached to both the sides of the firebox and the mantel to ensure that your firebox does not move around as you use it. 2 of the brackets have 2 large holes on one side. These large holes line up with 2 screws on the side of the firebox. The other screws provided must be inserted into the holes at the other end of the bracket and into the firebox. The other side of each bracket attaches to the mantel. The 3rd bracket has no holes on 1 side. That side should go up against the firebox top but should not be attached as the heater sits right underneath the bracket. Only the mantel side should be attached. If you have any questions about the firebox please reference the installation instructions that come with the firebox. Please reference the Quick Tips section of that instruction manual. Step 8 You are now ready to position your mantel against the wall. This step requires 2 people to move the unit. Anti-tipping device At this point you must attach the anti-tipping device to your mantel and your wall. This device is a safety feature that will prevent your mantel from tipping over if a weight is applied which can unbalance the unit. 4 WARRANTY Greenway Home Products is pleased to offer in-home warranty repairs. Please refer to your Firebox Use and Care Guide for warranty information on your Firebox. DO NOT RETURN THIS PRODUCT TO THE STORE: Please contact Customer Service at: 1-866-253-0447 Monday to Thursday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM (EST), Friday from 8:30AM to 4:00PM (EST) Web: Email: support@greenwayhp.com Canada: 400 Southgate Dr., Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1G 4P5 USA: 6507 Fairfield Dr., Northwood,Ohio, USA, 43619 Limited Warranty Definitions: Greenway Home Products: (Greenway) Manufac...

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