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Istruzioni per l'uso Harman Stove Company, Modello P35I

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Reduce feed rate. Overfiring will void your warranty. Comply with all minimum clearances to combustibles as specified. Failure to comply may cause a house fire. A WARNING HOT SURFACES! Glass and other surfaces are hot during operation AND cool down. Hot, will cause burns. • Do not touch glass until it is cooled • NEVER allow children to touch glass • Keep children away • CAREFULLY SUPERVISE children in same room as fireplace. • Alert children and adults to hazards of high temperatures. High temperatures may ignite clothing or other flammable materials. • Keep clothing, furniture, draperies and other flammable materials away. _CAUTION_ Tested and approved for use with wood pellets and a mixture of shelled field corn and wood pellets only. Burning any other type of fuel will void your warranty. CAUTION Check building codes prior to installation. • Installation MUST comply with local, regional, state and national codes and regulations. • Consult local building, fire officials or authorities having jurisdiction about restrictions, installation inspection, and permits. Save These Instructions 3-90-775R11 10/12 P35i Fireplace Insert Hearth & Home Technologies welcomes you to our tradition of excellence! By choosing a Harman appliance, you have become part of a long standing family committed to meeting the heating needs of consumers with the most distinctive, powerful and responsible home heating products available. The P35i insert has brilliant features in an elegant package, giving you 0 to 35,000 BTU when you need it, automatically. Aside from the regular, simple cleaning process, you need only set your desired room temperature, keep the hopper full, and the ash pan empty. With the P35i, you will notice even heat throughout your zone and a level of convenience you never thought possible. The P35i takes advantage of Harman’s 30+ years of stove design, technology and manufacturing. Output is managed by a microprocessor that senses the room temperature and the fire temperature with two thermistor probes and then determines the best feed rate for your heating demand. The platinum combination is Harman’s Patented Pellet Pro™ Feeder system, and ESP Control which have been developed to their highest state. These features work together to allow amazing heat output with little regard for fuel quality. We wish you and your family many years of enjoyment in the warmth and comfort of your hearth appliance. Thank you for choosing Harman Home Heating. HARMA]sJ Harman, A division of Hearth & Home Technologies, Inc. 352 Mountain House Road Halifax, PA 17032 When This Room Heater Is Not Properly Installed, a House Fire May Result. To Reduce The Risk Of Fire, Follow The Installation Instructions. Contact Local Building Or Fire Officials About Restrictions And Installation Inspection Requirements In Your Area. This label is located on the inside of the hopper lid. Please record your serial number for future reference. Tettrtalls&FarOmi-TsttLebcratorigi, Inc. RipOft ¡»Rapport # 115-S-25-M Tested toHMlé à: ASTM E1509-04, ULC 9628-93 and ULC C1482-M1990 TNi pallet bunhg appliance has been tested and listed far usa ti OAR 814-23-900 through 814-23-909 CAU ON. HOT WHILE IN OPERATION. KEEP CHILDREN AND CLOTHING AWAY.CQNTACT IN BURNS. SEE NAMEPLATE AND INSTRUCTIONS. KEEP FURNISHINGS AND OTHER MATERIALS A CONSIDERABLE DISTANCE AWAY FROM THIS APPLIANCE. > CLOSED DURING OPERATION. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN EMISSION OF 4BUSTION FROM THE HOPPER UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS. MAINTAIN ■OO CONDITION. DO NOT OVERFILL THE HOPPER. DANGER! CHAUD - NE PAS TOUCHER. TENIR LES ENFANTS ET LES VENTEMENTS A L'ECART. RISQUE DE BRULURE. VOIR INSTRUCTIONS SUR LA PLAQUE LAISSER UNE DISTANCE SUFFISANTE ENTRE L'APPAREIL ET LES MEUBLES OU AUTRES OBJ EST A RISQUE. N'UTILISER CET APPAREIL QUE LORSQUE LE COUVERCLE DE LA TREMIE EST BIEN FERME-IGNORER CETTE CONSIGNE PEUT ENTRAINER DES EMANATIONS DE PRODUITS ISSUS DE LA COMBUSTION A TRAVERS LA TREMIE DANS CERTAINES CONDITIONS-VEILLER AU BON ETAT DU JOINT DE LA TREMIE-NE PAS EXCEDER LA CAPACITE DE LA TREMIE Agença Américaine pour la Protecttonde ¡'Environnement US Envhmmental Protection Agency Ce modèle set dispensé certification d'après lei Is exempt »om EPACerttflcadcfiiDder 40 CFR 60.531 40CFR60.531 parditHUon byislïiBwi (wood heated "AMo-Fuel Rafli) [ Appareil à bote (A) «RattoalrfeonfcustMs»] 2 Pellets or Corn/Pellet Mixture Only 3-90-775R11 10/12 Save These Instructions P35i Fireplace Insert HARMAN jji'iL" iom n » -.or ■ rtiu Safety Alert Key: • DANGER! Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided will result in death or serious injury. • WARNING! Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided could result in death or serious injury. • CAUTION! Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided could result in minor or moderate injury. • NOTICE: Indicates practices which may cause damage to the appliance...

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