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™ WarranTy 2-year limited warranty on covered components. innovation never felt so good. ™ WarranTy 2-year limited warranty on covered components. 2 Harmony III™ Zoning System Allows you to customize your comfort according to household needs with up to four zones Provides optimal comfort when combined with Lennox’ variable speed furnaces, two-stage air conditioners, and heat pumps Balances airflow throughout your home, providing even temperatures Automatic changeover between heating and cooling enhances comfort The Harmony III™ Zoning System is designed for the many ways you use your home. Maybe you’re caught up in family “thermostat wars”? Or perhaps there are parts of your home you rarely use? The Harmony III Zoning System allows you to divide your home into up to four separate areas, giving you the comfort and control you’ve always wanted. tHe PerFeCt BalanCe oF ComFort Working with your heating and cooling system, the Harmony III Zoning System brings balance to your home environment. By directing airflow only to desired areas, Harmony III keeps your desired temperatures throughout your home. . . . . Zone 1 – Seldom-used upstairs bedroom (needs little heat or cooling) Zone 2 – Children’s upstairs bedroom (high heat in the summer requires additional air conditioning) Zone 3 – Home office or exercise room Zone 4 – Family room (high-activity area needs extra air conditioning) The Harmony III Zoning System increases your comfort. As illustrated by the example above, this innovative system gives you total control over your home heating and cooling. Comfortable Provides consistent air temperatures for exceptional home comfort The Harmony III Zoning System meets the airflow requirements of one area, without affecting other areas. And it works with advanced heating and cooling systems, so it can regulate temperature to as little as one degree* of the thermostat setting. Flexible Divides your home into up to four different zones The Harmony III system lets you increase, reduce or shut off heating or cooling in each zone to match the needs of your household. Quiet Increases your comfort, without increasing sound levels The Harmony III system allows your Lennox® HVAC equipment to deliver peak performance without continually operating at peak capacity. Lower speeds mean lower sound levels. Harmony III™ Zoning System Features The Harmony III™ Zoning System delivers the ultimate in temperature control for the ultimate in home comfort. Designed for use with Lennox’ variable speed furnaces, air handlers, air conditioners, or heat pumps** and digital thermostat, the Harmony III Zoning System provides the desired temperature in each zone. The system includes an easy-to-use control panel, comfort- enhancing dampers and a duct-mounted sensor that relays data to the control panel. Feature How It Works How It Helps Solid-State Control Panel Controls up to four zones in your home Provides desired temperatures and consistent airflow Discharge Air-Sensor Probe Continually monitors the temperature in the supply airstream Helps prolong the life of the equipment Digital Thermostats Control temperatures in each zone Precisely regulate heating and cooling temperatures (one for each zone) Vacation Mode Defaults to Zone 1 thermostat settings, which controls Maximizes efficiency the temperature for your entire home while you’re away Auto Changeover Automatically alternates between heating and cooling Delivers enhanced comfort and peace of mind during transitional weather Continuous Fan Allows continuous fan operation by zone Creates better indoor air quality *Depending on the brand of digital thermostat. **System provides stand-alone dual-fuel capability. . Air conditioner or heat pump . Thermostat . Furnace or air handler . Filtration device . Germicidal light . Indoor coil . Humidifier . HEPA bypass filtration system . Energy recovery ventilator •• Supply duct •• Return duct •• Dehumidification system •• Residential generators CuStomIZe your ComFort Lennox® heating, cooling and indoor air quality products are designed to provide efficient, economical comfort—not only as individual units, but also together as an integrated system. This combined network of products delivers on every comfort count, from consistent temperatures and balanced humidity to improved indoor air quality. Lennox also offers a line of residential generators, which provide safe, reliable standby power in the event of outages. DealerS you Can Count on Choosing the right dealer for your home’s heating, cooling and air quality needs is every bit as important as choosing the right brand. We think you’ll agree our independent dealers are a big reason you can count on quality customer service whenever you call. Your Lennox dealer’s dedication to quality shows in his knowledge, training and expertise in designing the right system for your home, installing it properly and keeping it r...

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