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Istruzioni per l'uso Handspring, Modello Visor Deluxe

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VISORTMDeluxe The Handspring Visor Deluxe is the first expandable handheld computer that lets you instantly turn an organiser into a digital camera, music player, or even a phone. In fact, with its unique SpringboardTM expansion slot, you The infinitely expandable handheld computer with the soul of an organiser. VISORTMDeluxe can snap in a wide range of hardware and software modules and turn your Visor handheld into whatever you want it to be. Best of all, it’s plug-and-play so there are no drivers to load. Just snap in a module and it works! Based on the popular Palm OS®, the Visor handheld was developed by the same people who created the original PalmPilot. So, in addition to an address book, to do list, and memo pad, there are new features like an enhanced date book, advanced calculator and a world clock to make its organisational capabilities even better. And, since it uses the Palm OS, you can download thousands of existing Palm-compatible applications or beam information with other Palm users. And if all that weren’t enough, its USB connection makes synchronising with your desktop computer really fast—and really easy. Which means you can quickly back up, update or exchange information between your Visor handheld and desktop computer with the USB cradle and HotSync® technology. You can even transfer existing Palm organizer data to your Visor handheld with just one touch. The Visor Deluxe comes in 5 great colours—ice, graphite, blue, orange, and green—and there are lots of cool accessories to choose from like stylish cases, keyboards and colorful styli. The Visor Family Choose from three varieties: Visor Deluxe, Visor and Visor Solo. All come fully loaded with Palm OS software, feature the Springboard expansion slot and are fully compatible with Palm-based applications. TM Features Incredibly Organised • Get instant access to everything you need, everywhere you go. • Enhanced date book with expanded views including weekly, yearly and a list view. • Integrated to do items that appear in the daily calendar view. • Advanced calculator with advanced math, trigonometry, business, statistical and conversion functions; built-in math library for higher precision. • World clock with day of the week and time for five cities around the globe. • Based on the popular Palm OS® Fully Compatible • Visor handheld is fully compatible with the Palm OS so you can run Palm OS based software programs. • Beam information or programs between your Visor handheld and other Palm organisers. Well Connected • USB connection makes synchronising with your desktop computer a whole lot faster and easier. • Instantly back up, update and exchange information between your Visor handheld and desktop computer with the USB cradle and HotSync® technology. • If you have existing data in a Palm organiser, you can transfer it to your Visor handheld with just one touch. • Windows and Macintosh desktop software are included. Infinitely Expandable • Handspring’s unique SpringboardTM expansion slot means your Visor handheld can become a digital camera, MP3 music player, or even a phone. • It’s the first true “plug-and-play” expansion—no need to load any drivers, just plug in a module and it works! • No other handheld lets you switch functionality so easily. Use your wireless modem for business and your digital camera for pleasure. The Visor Family Solo Visor Deluxe Memory 2 MB 2MB 8MB stores approximately: stores approximately: stores approximately: 6,000 addresses 6,000 addresses 12,000 addresses 5 years of appointments 5 years of appointments 10 years of appointments 1,500 to do items 1,500 to do items 6,000 to do items 1,500 memos 1,500 memos 6,000 memos 200 email messages 200 email messages 400 email messages USB Docking Not included Included in package Included in package Cradle Palm Desktop Included in package Included in package Included in package Software/Mac and Windows • Modules can be purchased separately. Check for availability. Product Information Size and weight: 4.8"x 3.0" x 0.7", 5.4 oz. (12cm x 7.5cm x 1.6cm, 160g) Backlit display Memory: 8MB, stores approximately: -12,000 addresses -10 years of appointments (approx. 6,000) -6,000 to do items -6,000 memos -400 email messages Infrared (IR) communication Built-in microphone Software Information The Visor Deluxe includes the following built-in software: -Palm OS software -Date Book -Date Book+ -Address Book -To Do List -Memo Pad -Mail†† -Expense‡ -Advanced Calculator -City Time -HotSync Manager -Games Giraffe (Graffiti® writing game) MineHunt SubHunt Puzzle ††Mail includes support for: Lotus cc: Mail, Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express/Exchange, and QUALCOMM Eudora. Links to AOL, Lotus Notes, Netscape Communicator and POP3 mail sold separately. ‡Expense and mail synchronisation on the Macintosh are only available through third-party solutions sold separately. Cradle Information The Visor handheld comes with a USB cradle. But if you use Windows 95, Windows NT o...

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