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Istruzioni per l'uso Global Machinery Company, Modello WTS550

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Maintenance WARNING. Always ensure that the tool is switched off and the plug is removed from the power point before making and adjustments or maintenance procedures. When you have finished cutting your tiles, always disconnect the power, empty the water and fully clean and dry the machine. Installing a blade DANGER. • Never try to use a blade larger than the stated capacity of the saw. It will come into contact with the blade guard. • Never use a blade that is too thick to allow the outer blade washer to engage with the flats on the spindle. It will prevent the blade screw from properly securing the blade on the spindle. 1. Adjustments are only to be made with the power off, the tool disconnected from the mains supply and when the blade has fully stopped. 2. Using a screw driver remove the three screws that hold the metal plate over the water tank. 3. Remove the blade cover (3). 4. Take the 2 spanners and use the flat spanner to locate into the holes in the flange and keep the blade still, and use the socket spanner over the nut and turn anti clockwise. 5. Remove the nut, outer blade flange and blade. 6. Wipe a drop of oil onto the inner blade flange and the outer blade flange where they contact the blade. 7. Fit the new blade onto the spindle taking care that the inner blade flange sits behind the blade. CAUTION. Always install the blade with the arrow printed on the side of the blade pointing down. The direction of blade rotation is also marked on the blade guard and blade cover. 8. Replace the outer blade flange followed by the blade nut. 9. Use the blade spanner to securely tighten the blade bolt. (Tighten in a clockwise direction). 10. Replace the blade cover and secure it with the blade cover locking knobs. CAUTION. Before using the saw after replacing the blade, check that all the safety devices are fitted correctly including the blade guard and that they are all in good working order. Run the saw without loading it to ensure the blade runs true and there are no extraneous noises. Cleaning 1. Keep the tool’s air vents unclogged and clean at all times. 2. Remove dust and dirt regularly. Cleaning is best done with a soft brush or a rag. 3. Re-lubricate all moving parts at regular intervals. 4. Never use caustic agents to clean plastic parts. CAUTION. Do not use cleaning agents to clean the plastic parts of the saw. A mild detergent on a damp cloth is recommended. General inspection Regularly check that all the fixing screws are tight. They may vibrate loose over time. Repairs Only an authorised service centre should replace the cordset. If the cordset is damaged or worn, have it repaired or replaced by an authorised service centre. Power cord and RCD maintenance IMPORTANT. Ensure the RCD is tested upon every use. It is essential that the safety switch is tested to ensure it is functioning correctly. We strongly recommend that a test of the RCD is conducted without fail before each use. Refer to Testing your safety switch. If the power cord or RCD needs replacing, the task must be carried out by the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s agent, or a qualified electrical repairer in order to avoid a safety hazard. Troubleshooting Trouble Problem Suggested remedy Saw will not start Power cord not plugged in Ensure that the cord is connected to the power supply Power fault, fuse or RCD tripped Check the power supply Cord damaged Use a qualified electrical repairer to repair or replace Burned out switch Use a qualified electrical repairer to repair or replace Faulty motor Use a qualified electrical repairer to repair or replace the motor Blade does not reach full speed Extension cord too long or undersized Use extension cord heavy enough to carry the current Tool is overheating Turn off the tool and let it cool down to room temperature. Inspect and clean the ventilation slots Poor cutting Accessory blunted Replace with new circular saw blade No water on blade (tile cutting only) Ensure water cooling on/off lever is in the “on” position Vibration or abnormal noise Loose parts Check to see that all knobs and levers are securely tightened including bevel adjustment lever, depth locking lever and parallel fence locking knob Blade vibrating Ensure that the blade nut is securely tightened Moving parts excessively worn Use a qualified electrical repairer to repair or replace GMC customer assistIf your product needs repairing, replacing, technical service or you simply need help or advice, please contact us on our Customer Assist Line 1300 880 001 (Australia) or 0800 445 721 (New Zealand). For prompt service we suggest you log your service request online at Should you not have access to the Internet, please contact our service department on 1300 880 001 (Australia) or 0800 445 721 (New Zealand). 7am–7pm, 7days a week (AEST). Please note that if repair or replacement is required, you must provide a valid original purchase receipt. You will need the following details at hand to log your service requ...

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