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Istruzioni per l'uso Eagle Group, Modello 128 PORTABLE

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NOTE: For optimum operation, the portable transducer should be adjusted so that it is parallel to the ground. For more information on this, see the earlier segment on Transducer Orientation and Fish Arches. 29 Operation KEYBOARD BASICS The unit sounds a tone when you press any key. This tells you the unit has accepted a command. Numbers in the following photos correspond to key explanations in the following pages.: 4 2 3 1 1 2 3 4 Cuda 128 and Cuda 168EX Sonars, front view, each showing screen and keyboard. 1. PWR/CLEAR (power and clear) This key appears in the manual text simply as PWR. Press this key to turn the unit on and off. It also clears menu selections and the menus from the screen. To clear a menu from the screen, press PWR one time. NOTE: You must hold the PWR key down for a countdown of five in order to turn the unit off. 2. MENU UP (menu up) 3. MENU DOWN (menu down) These keys appear in the manual text as MENU UP or MENU DOWN. Most of the time, the instructions require you to press either menu key, so 30 the text simply uses the word MENU. Usually, when we say MENU, you can simply press the MENU UP key for consistency. This sonar unit has many features that are accessed with the menu keys. The MENU UP key moves up or forward through the menus, the MENU DOWN key moves down or backward. To see the first menu, simply press either MENU key. To see the other menus, press a MENU key repeatedly to cycle through the menu list. 4. UP and DOWN ARROWS These keys appear in the manual text as DOWN ARROW or UP ARROW. Use these keys to adjust virtually every feature and function on the sonar unit. MEMORY This unit has permanent memory that saves the following user settings when power is turned off: Units of Measure, Fish Alarm, Temp Size, Depth Size, Fish I.D. mode, Noise Reject mode, Display Contrast, Shallow and Deep alarms. It does not require, nor does it use an internal backup battery, so you never have to worry about replacement batteries. MENUS This unit uses menus to guide you through the various functions and features. Menu names and settings appear in the manual text as small capital letters like SENSITIVITY, which represents the Sensitivity menu. The menu keys access these features, allowing you to customize the unit to your particular needs and water conditions. All you have to do to leave one menu and enter another is press MENU repeatedly. If you ever get lost in the menus, simply press the PWR key. This clears the menus from the screen. Menus change depending on the mode the unit is in. Messages may appear in menu boxes or new menus can appear, depending on previous selections. 31 Menu Menu This screen shows a typical menu, the Scroll Speed menu. DISPLAY – Opening Screen The lights flash for about 20 seconds when the unit is turned on. The backlight menu first appears on the screen. To turn the lights on, press UP ARROW. If you don’t press a key, the menu will disappear after a few seconds. If you don't want to wait, press PWR to clear the menus from the screen. When the sonar unit is first turned on and the backlight menu disappears, the display screen shows the Full Chart Page, or mode. The Fish I.D.. fish symbol feature is on. The depth range shows on the depth scale on the left side of the screen. In the following figure, the screen shows a depth range from 0 to 80 feet and the bottom depth is 36.9 feet, shown by the digital sonar. The water temperature is 34.5° F. 32 Digital depth Water Temp Bottom signal Depth range at bottom of depth scale Surface signal Fish symbols Structure or cover Grayline. Opening screen, Full Chart page, or mode. The factory default setting has the Fish I.D. (fish symbols) turned on. CHART SCROLL (stopping and starting) In normal operation, the sonar chart will scroll from right to left across the screen. You can stop the chart from scrolling across the screen. This is useful when you want to "freeze" the picture to study it more closely. To stop the chart, press MENU until the SCROLL SPEED menu appears. Use the DOWN ARROW to select MIN. The menu remains visible and a stationary "Stop" message appears in the screen's top right corner. To resume scrolling, use the UP ARROW to select MAX (or any speed other than minimum), then press PWR to clear the menu. For most fishing conditions you should return the chart to maximum speed. (Read more about this in the later entry on Chart Scroll Speed.) NOTE: You cannot clear the menu until you raise the chart speed again. If you accidentally press PWR to clear the menu while the chart is stopped, you must press MENU until the SCROLL SPEED menu reappears, then follow the instructions from the preceding paragraph. 33 Sonar chart with scrolling stopped. FULL CHART This shows all echoes scrolling across the full screen. This is the default page. The bottom signal scrolls across the screen from right to left. The line at the top of the screen represents the surface. The bottom depth (as determined by the digital sonar) shows in the...

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