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Istruzioni per l'uso Roland, Modello HP-1300E

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PIANO Provides the timbre of a luminous, transparent electric piano. PIPE ORGAN A Cathedral pipe organ STRINGS The sound of a delightful string ensemble. Press any two Voice buttons simultaneously to have those two sounds combined and played together. (This is known as the DUAL function.) * The Chorus setting that wil! apply to the sounds in a layered pair will be the setting made for the Voice button on the left. OUT MIDI. PEDAL TUNE _INPUT_ R L MONO "STEREO 1 _OUTPUT_ R L ^ STEREO ^ Q MIDI Connectors Accept the MIDI cables used to connect external electronic instruments. g] PEDAL Jack This is where you'll connect the supplied pedals. 0TUNE Knob Allows the overall pitch to be adjusted. With the knob at its center position, the center A key (/a) on the keyboard will have a frequency of 440 Hz. Move the knob in the direction of to raise the pitch, and toward " b " to lower it. By rotating the knob to either e>ctreme, you obtain a change of 50 cents (1/2 semitone). U INPUT jacks Accept input of audio signals from some other unit (CD player, cassette deck etc.) that you wish to hear through the HP-1300e/HP-135's speakers. 3 OUTPUT lacks Provide output of sound produced by the HP-1 300e/HP-l 35. 6 mm s mm CHORUS REVERB KEY TOUCH REC PLAY LIGHT HEAVY rzizi c Qj CHORUS Button Press the CHORUS button (its indicator will light) to add minute pulsations to the sounds you play, and make them seem fatter and more expansive. You can select from six Chorus Depth levels, (p. 10) * Chorus On/Off setting can be set individually for each Voice. Hold down a Voice button while you press the CHORUS button to store the setting (ON /OFF) along with that Voice. a REVERB Button Press the REVERB button (its indicator wili light) to add reverberation (spacious ambiance) to the sound. You can select from six Reverb Depth levels, (p. 10) * Reverb On/Off cannot be set individually for each Voice. B KEYTOUCH Button Allows you to adjust the keyboard's sensitivity, (p. 10) 19 REC Button Allows you to record your performances, (p. 8) El PLAY Button Pressed to play back what you have recorded, (p. 8) Turning the Power On 1. Insert the plug on the power cord into an outlet. - © © © ‘O' 2. Press the POWER button on the left side of the panel. (Press the button again to turn it OFF.) Pressing the button once Pressing the button again ON OFF * A muting feature comes into effect for a brief interval (about 2 seconds) after power up. During this interval, nothing will be heard if you play the keyboard. * Be sure to use only the power cord supplied with this unit. * Whenever you do not intend to use the piano for an extended period of time, disconnect the power cord from the outlet. Using Headphones To use headphones, insert the plug into the jack located on the left side of the instrument. * The piano's speakers will no longer produce sound once you have headphones connected. This is convenient for private practice or late-night playing. The VOLUME knob on the instrument can be used to adjust the volume as necessary. We recommend the use of stereo headphones. Using two headphones Should you want to use two headphones, you can buy an adaptor (stereo plug to double stereo jacks, as the one shown in the picture) at your nearest Hi-Fi Dealer. 7 Listening to the Demonstration Songs Try Recording What You Play How to Create Recordings The HP-1300e/HP-l 35 contains three demonstration songs in memory which highlight the instrument's capability. To hear them, follow the steps beiow. 1. While holding down the FUNCTION button, press PLAY button (both buttons will start to flash) and in a few seconds the Demo songs will start to play. flay 2. When one song finishes, the next one wil! start playing automatically. if you wish to listen to only one song, press PLAY button while holding the FUNCTION button. Then within 2-3 seconds, press one of the PIANO, HARPSICHORD and VIBRAPHONE buttons. PiANO gives you the first song, HARPSICHORD the second one and VIBRAPHONE the third one. (The button indicator will be flashing for the song currently playing.) PSANO HARPS)- VIBRA CHORD PHONE 3. To stop playback of one song and have the another play, simply press the another Voice button (where the indicator is not flashing). To stop playback of the demonstration songs (and return to the standard mode), press the FUMCTiON or PLAY button. Use whatever Voice you like to play whatever song you wish to record. When completed, you will be able to listen to the results, and check how well you played the song. 1. Select the Voice you wish to use for the recording, then make any other selections you wish, such as for Chorus and Reverb. When ready, press the REC button (its indicator will light). This means that the instrument is in stand-by, waiting for recording to begin. REC 2. Start playing. (Recording will start the moment the first note is played.) 3. When finished, press the REC button again to sto...

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