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Istruzioni per l'uso TriStar, Modello SP3010X15AZ

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TriStar has a variety of bases available to seamlessly retrofit to existing filtration systems. WWW.HAYWARDPOOL.COM USE ONLY HAYWARD GENUINE REPLACEMENT PARTS TriStar™ Pump Series__________ _____ ______________________________ Page 5 of 15 Product Specifications HP FR “A” MR “A” . 13 5/8” - . 13 7/8” 13 3/8” 1 14 3/8” 13 7/8” 1 * 14 3/8” - 1 . 14 7/8” 13 7/8” 1 . * 14 7/8” 14 3/8” 2 14 7/8” 15 1/8” 2 * 14 7/8” 14 7/8” 2 . -14 7/8” 2 . * -14 7/8” 3 17 1/8” 15 5/8” 3 ** 14 1/2” - * Two-Speed Pump ** Three-Phase Pump Installation Instructions WARNING – This product should be installed and serviced only by a qualified professional. Pump Location Locate filter as close to pool as practical and run suction lines as direct as possible to reduce friction loss. Suction lines should have continuous slope upward from lowest point in line. Joints must be tight (but not over-tightened). Suction line diameter must equal or be larger than the discharge line diameter. Though the filter is designed for outdoor use, it is strongly advised to place pump and filter in the shade to shield them from continuous direct heat. Select a well-drained area that will not flood when it rains. Do NOT install pump and filter in a damp or non-ventilated location. Keep motor clean. Pump motors require free circulation of air for cooling. Pump Mounting Install pump on a firm, level base or pad to meet all local and national codes. Fasten pump to base or pad with screws or bolts to further reduce vibration and stress on pipe or hose joints. The base MUST be solid, level, rigid, and vibration free. Pump mount must: Allow pump inlet height to be as close to water level as possible. Allow use of short, direct suction pipe (to reduce friction losses). Allow for gate valves in suction and discharge piping. Be protected from excess moisture and flooding. Allow adequate access for servicing pump and piping. Pipe Sizing Chart MAXIMUM RECOMMENDED SYSTEM FLOW RATE BY PIPE SIZE Pipe Size [mm] Flow Rate GPM [LPM] Suction Pipe Length * Pipe Size [mm] Flow Rate GPM [LPM] Suction Pipe Length * Pipe Size [mm] Flow Rate GPM [LPM] Suction Pipe Length * 1” [32] 20 [75] 5” 1 .” [50] 45 [170] 7 .” 2 .” [75] 110 [415] 12 .” 1 .” [40] 30 [110] 6 .” 2” [63] 80 [300] 10” 3” [90] 160 [600] 15” * NOTE -It is recommended that a minimum length of straight piping (shown as “L” in above diagram), equivalent to 5 pipe size diameters, be used between the pump suction inlet and any plumbing fittings (elbows, valves, etc.). WWW.HAYWARDPOOL.COM USE ONLY HAYWARD GENUINE REPLACEMENT PARTS TriStar™ Pump Series __________ _____ _______________________________ Page 6 of 15 Pump Mounting (cont’d.) WARNING – Hazardous Pressure. Pumps, filters, and other equipment/ components of a swimming pool filtration system operate under pressure. Incorrectly installed and/or improperly tested filtration equipment and/or components may fail resulting in severe personal injury or death. Plumbing Use Teflon tape to seal threaded connections on molded plastic components. All plastic fittings must be new or thoroughly cleaned before use. NOTE - Do NOT use Plumber’s Pipe Dope as it may cause cracking of the plastic components. When applying Teflon tape to plastic threads, wrap the entire threaded portion of the male fitting with one to two layers of tape. Wind the tape clockwise as you face the open end of the fitting, beginning at the end of the fitting. The pump suction and outlet ports have molded-in thread stops. Do NOT attempt to force hose connector fitting past this stop. It is only necessary to tighten fittings enough to prevent leakage. Tighten fitting by hand and then use a tool to engage fitting an additional 1 . turns. Use care when using Teflon tape as friction is reduced considerably; do NOT over-tighten fitting or you may cause damage. If leaks occur, remove connector, clean off old Teflon tape, re-wrap with one to two additional layers of Teflon tape, and re-install connector. Fittings restrict flow. For better efficiency, use the fewest possible fittings (but a...

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