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Istruzioni per l'uso Innotek, Modello UltraSmart IUT-300E

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Spend less time training your dog. INNOTEK® training products have just the right touch, right when you need it. INNOTEK® products are the quicker way to a better-behaved dog. You MUST charge collar for 3 hours prior to first use. The display shows at a glance which This handheld remote is small yet full-featured. You’re in complete control level your remote is set on. You can of stimulation levels 1 through 9. There’s even a Bbutton for when you need even train 2 dogs at once – the display a little more persuasion with the press of a single button. The remote signals shows Dor dto indicate which dog the electronic collar to produce a harmless yet effective stimulation or tone. you are controlling. Collar charging station plugs into any 220 v wall outlet. The collar fits in the cradle and charges the collar in just 2-3 hours. It’s an attractive unit designed for use in your home. The UltraSmart™ collar has been designed by professionals to offer optimal training stimulation in a sleek, low-profile design. The collar is packed with features including PerfectFit™, an indication that the collar is fitted properly to your dog. Important: Never leave the collar on the dog for more than 12 consecutive hours. See “Important Advice”, page 8. 1 IUT-300E Manual 1/19/05 7:15 PM Page 4 INNOTEK® UltraSmart™ Micro Remote Trainer, 275m Step 2 Turning the collar ON and OFF Step 1 Power Up Quick Start Guide IUT 300E Remote: Insert 12v alkaline battery in the handheld remote. Replace the access panel. Collar: Charge the collar on the power outlet-mounted charging station. The light on the collar will glow red while charging, and green when fully charged. a. Press theCbutton (for collar) on the remote once or twice until Dappears in the display. b. Hold the collar one inch from the remote, taking care not to touch the metal contacts that touch your dog’s skin. c. Press the tbutton. The collar will emit a start-up tone, and the light will glow solid green. d. To turn collar OFF, hold collar and remote one inch apart and press thetbutton. The collar will emit a shut- down tone, and the light will glow solid red, then go out. NOTE: To use two collars, repeat the procedure with the second collar. This ON/OFF command only works when remote and collar are in close proximity; it will not work at a distance. Never turn the unit ON/OFF while your dog is wearing the collar. 2 IUT-300E Manual 1/19/05 7:15 PM Page 5 When turning the collar ON, hold thetbutton for 3 seconds. The collar will go into PerfectFit™ mode. The collar will emit a click tone as the contacts touch your dog’s skin. A proper fit will be acknowledged with 5 consecutive click tones. To skip the PerfectFit™ test, just turn the collar ON by pressing thetbutton less than 3 seconds. The collar will function normally, bypassing the PerfectFit™ test. Cinch the collar around your dog’s neck to find proper fit. The collar fit should be snug, yet loose enough to allow one finger to fit between the strap and the dog’s neck. Fit is important because a loose collar may cause inconsistent performance. Step 4 Adjust the Collar 3 Optional Step 3 PerfectFit™ IUT-300E Manual 1/19/05 7:15 PM Page 6 INNOTEK® UltraSmart™ Micro Remote Trainer Model IUT-300E Understanding the Remote The handheld remote signals the electronic collar to produce a harmless yet effective stimulation or tone. Remote Buttons: STIMULATION (red central button)– sends stimulation signal to the collar at the intensity shown in the display window. Button features four raised bumps, one at each corner, to easily locate by touch. Level UP (+) & Level DOWN (-) – adjusts the stimulation intensity through a range of levels. From Low-1 to High-9. TONE t– Produces a training tone from the collar. No stimulation is delivered. See page 4, “Tone Option”. Button is also used to turn collar ON/OFF. Dog 1/Dog 2C– Switches remote controls from Collar 1 to Collar 2, great when training two dogs. IUT-300E users can purchase a second accessory collar to expand their system to train two dogs. BOOST B– Produces stimulation 2 levels higher than the currently selected level. For example, if the stimulation level is set at Level 2, a touch of the Bcontrol will stimulate at Level 4. Some trainers like instant access to a higher setting for circumstances where the dog may not respond to lower levels, such as around high distractions. Antenna The antenna helps transmit the signal to the collar. Take care not to cover or shield the antenna with your body or hand or you may see a reduction in transmission range. Digital Display The display shows stimulation levels 1 through 9. The lower part of the display shows which collar is active. Press Cbutton once or twice until Collar 1 icon Dshows as active. Pressing the red stimulation button sends a correction command to the collar indicated on the display. The active collar icon will display at the bottom of the window.The display will stay ON,only going OFF 30 minutes after the last button press. P...

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