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Istruzioni per l'uso ClearSounds, Modello CLEARSOUNDS IL95

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For additional installation options and complete instructions which allow you to use all features of this Inline telephone amplifier, refer to your Installation Guide and User Manual. Need help? Call (800) 965-9043 AC POWER INSTALLATION 1. Install the AC adapter. USE ONLY with the ClearSounds AC Adapter provided. Attach the AC adapter to the IL95 (located on the upper left and side of the unit.). 2. Plug the other end into a working electrical outlet. 3. Follow the directions below for battery backup in case of power outage. Please note: Your IL95 may operate on either AC or battery power. BATTERY INSTALLATION 1. Pull open the battery compartment. 2. Insert a new 9-V alkaline battery (not included); following the polarity marking in the battery compartment. 3. Replace the battery compartment. TELEPHONE INSTALLATION 1. Unplug the handset cord from your telephone base. Insert this cord into the jack at the bottom of the IL95 amplifier marked “HANDSET”. 2. Insert one end of the provided short phone cord into the jack marked “BASE” at the top of the IL95. 3. Insert the other end of the short cord into the handset jack of the telephone. 4. All cords should be inserted so that they “snap” into place. 5. Pick up the handset. Check for dial tone. NOTE: The IL95 is not compatible with Trimline, Cordless and Cellular Telephones. ADJUST THE COMPATIBILITY SWITCH If you do not hear a dial tone or do not have a noticeable volume and tone increase, you will need to adjust the compatibility switch located on the underside of the IL95. 1. Turn the dial to the next number setting. 2. Pick up the handset and listen for dial tone and adjust the volume and tone. 3. Continue to select the next number until unit is set properly. 4. Place a call to someone to verify the proper operation of your IL95. During this call, you may need to select another number to make sure both parties can hear each other. IL95 COMPATIBILITY CHANNELS TELEPHONE/BRAND CHANNEL l AT&T 4 SOUTHWEST BELL 4 PANASONIC l RADIO SHACK l JWIN 2&4 Please Note: Most phones will work on Channels 2, 4 or 7. Channels 4 & 7 are also known as the "N” setting as referred in the manual. ADJUST THE VOLUME & TONE CONTROLS 1. Slide the VOLUME & TONE to best suit your hearing. 2. Press and hold down the BOOST button for more amplification when listening. The IL95 amplifier will turn OFF when you hang up the telephone. 6-25-08 ClearSounds® Telephone: 800-965-9043 / TTY: 800-814-5359 / Spanish: 888-758-6056 e-mail: customerservice@clearsounds.com website: www.clearsounds.com...

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